CogniFit brain training provides a breakthrough in the treatment of insomnia

Insomnia treatments
Insomnia treatments

A new peer-reviewed study using CogniFit brain training provides a breakthrough in the treatment of insomnia.

The CogniFit scientific team is happy to announce the publication of a new peer-reviewed study on insomnia in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

Dr. Evelyn Shatil, co-author of the research and Chief Scientist at CogniFit comments: “This is the first time ever that cognitive training is directly and explicitly linked to significant improvements in sleep quality. This study heralds a new era for the use of cognitive training as an enjoyable and rewarding new drug-free treatment for insomnia. Based on what we have learnt in this new study, CogniFit is an effective and affordable cognitive training solution to train people suffering from insomnia.”

CogniFit helps users to learn and remember new cognitive information while playing brain games. It is well known that new information learnt during daytime requires sleep in order to consolidate (be assimilated by the brain).

The researchers hypothesized that the newly information, learnt during the day through cognitive training, would require longer and uninterrupted sleep during the night for its consolidation and that on the nights following the training, the older adults would fall asleep sooner and sleep for a longer time period. This is exactly what happened during the study.

You can find the full press release here and the full study published in PLOS ONE here.