Jessica is a writer specialized in psychology and mental health. She is passionate about neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience. She is constantly looking for psychological phenomenons. Jessica has a Bachelor's in Psychology and minors in Biology and Leadership Development through Civic Engagement from Montclair State University. She plans on continuing to get her Ph.D. in Neuroscience or Clinical Neuropsychology. Jessica is happy to give or take advice, and is always working towards ways to educate and inspire others.
Type A and Type B Personality

Type A and Type B Personality: Is there a Type C? Which one are you?


  Type A and Type B personality. Are you a person who is competitive by nature? Do you or the people you know consider you […]

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Empty Nest Syndrome

What is Empty Nest Syndrome? A Useful Guide to this Evolving Phenomenon


  As summer slowly comes to an end, college students are transitioning back to their academic year with many moving into their dormitories. While college […]

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