Brain Training Can Help Stroke Patients With Attention Disorders

Researchers at the Imperial College of London have published a new study in the journal Neurology which suggests that stroke patients are much prone to attention problems than what is currently assumed.

Brain Training Can Help Stroke Patients With Attention Disorders

The study involved more than a 100 patients. Using cognitive assessments, the researchers found that more than 50% of the participants had attention disorders that doctors had not recognized.

The researchers showed that brain training and scientific cognitive assessments are very sensitive at measuring and finding deficits in stroke patients. Furthermore, because brain training regimens such as CogniFit can be personalized to adapt to the unique needs of an individual, they can be used to rehabilitate them for the specific deficits and weaker cognitive skills they present.

Every year, more than 800’000 people suffer a stroke and 140’000 people die from it in the US. It’s the 3rd leading cause of death in the country. Most of the stroke occur in people aged 65 or more but after 55 years old, the risk of having a stroke doubles every decade.

Patients with stroke often have difficulty following instructions, filtering distractions and present a lower level of alertness level. Many other cognitive skills such as memory can be impacted by a stroke.

This new study shows once again the benefits of brain training and the need to train the brain in many different situations. This is also the reason why we are working hard at CogniFit to provide our users with the best and most effective brain training possible.