Can brain training make you smarter?

Can brain training make you smarter

Can brain training make you smarter?

As we grow older, we often tend to observe that our capacity to focus, memory and mental sharpness are not what they used to be. How many times do we forget where our cell phone or keys are, or how hard it might be to remember someone’s name. We all have “senior moments.”

While this could seem trivial, the loss of mental focus can have a negative impact on our professional and social lives.

Can we do something about it?

As neuroscientists better understand how the brain works, there are new tools which can be used to remediate with this loss of mental clarity. We know today that the brain needs to exercise in much the same way our muscles need to. The right brain training and mental workouts can significantly help maintain and increase our basic cognitive abilities.

This is one of the many reasons why CogniFit develops a brain training program which is designed to help people assess, train and improve their mental sharpness. Incorporating the latest discoveries in neuroscience, CogniFit makes sure its programs are independently and scientifically validated with institutions and leading universities around the world to prove their effectiveness.

CogniFit is far more than just an online site that helps you exercise your mental skills. Using CogniFit, you can get a full assessment of your cognitive level and see which cognitive abilities could be improved. You can train a large number of cognitive skills on the platform such as your memory, concentration, eye-hand coordination or even your attention skills.

Using the website, mobile and iPad applications, you can easily track and monitor your daily progress and get feedback on your performance. Leveraging our patented technology, CogniFit personalizes your brain training regimen dynamically to make sure you are doing the right tasks at the right level of difficulty. You want to receive the right level of challenge to improve.

How does it work?

By training 3 times a week for 20 minutes, you could see significant improvement in your basic cognitive functions. Studies have repeatedly shown how CogniFit users can improve their cognitive skills just after 4 weeks of training. Our users constantly report how our brain training program has increased their awareness, memory, alertness and how the program help them with their concentration at work. CogniFit also has a specific training for driving which you can use in the platform.

CogniFit’s users have reported clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory for names, numbers, directions, increased alertness and awareness, elevated mood, and better concentration at work or while driving.

You can start using CogniFit for free today and see how this can impact your life. Many more brain games are available with our Premium or Plus subscription offering you a more complete training over time.

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