CogniFit App, medical innovation and neuropsychological testing at your fingertips

  • CogniFit’s team of neuropsychologists, researchers and developers have introduced new features to the CogniFit application for iOS and Android.
  • Updating this medical app technology aims to help the diagnostic process and prevention of cognitive impairments through monitoring the cognitive health of any user in real time.
  • Now, anyone can perform assessments from their mobile device, study their brain function and accurately measure the risk index of major cognitive disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, depression, insomnia, Parkinson’s, chemofog, etc.

CogniFit App, medical innovation and neuropsychological testing at your fingertips

CogniFit, a leading developer of medical technologies for cognitive assessment and brain stimulation, has released an update of its App for iOS and Android. It includes new functionalities and incorporates complete neuropsychological batteries that digitally allow studying the cognitive functioning of children from 7 years old, young, adults or seniors. Users will know their cognitive status in less than 30-40 minutes.

This medical application is fully accessible. Any user can download CogniFit’s mobile application for iOS or Android and easily manage any of the cognitive tests.

“The innovative technology used in CogniFit’s App makes it a tool aimed at imrpoving preventive medicine. A health program focused on helping to improve different diagnosis and reduce medical expenses. The aim has been to unite knowledge and use the most reliable, advanced technology to assist in the diagnosis process and prevention and therefore to take a step towards the future.”- Carlos Rodríguez CTO at CogniFit.

Cognitive results are automatically generated after any of the clinical tests and providing comprehensible and valuable information about a wide range of cognitive skills in areas of memory, attention-concentration, planning, coordination, executive functions or reasoning.

The results report, which is fully detailed, provides an in-depth understanding of a person’s cognitive status, strengths and weaknesses and can help determine whether the cognitive symptoms they experience are normal or may reflect a neurological disorder. The results can help assist detection, and provide valuable information and action guidelines, which are the basis for identifying support strategies.

“Sometimes these symptoms go unnoticed, as they can be very subtle, so these neuropsychological evaluations are a step forward in their ability to detect the risk index of multiple cognitive pathologies at an early stage”- explains Patricia Fernández, CogniFit neuropsychologist and assessment specialist.

CogniFit App, medical innovation and neuropsychological testing at your fingertips

Dyslexia Assessment Battery: Innovative online dyslexia test makes it possible to take a complete cognitive screening and evaluate the risk index of the presence of dyslexia with excellent reliability.

The CogniFit App allows you to analyze huge databases. The platform learns from each interaction and has developed an advanced interface that provides valuable information.

CogniFit technology is available to anyone with a smartphone or computer with an internet connection. This technological advance will allow more and more people to assess themselves, thus improving the quality of life of many people.

SaS (Software as a Service) is transforming medical and psychological assistance. Remote monitoring of a patient’s cognitive health through CogniFit ensures better patient care, helps optimize treatment outcomes and reduces the time and health care expense.

In education, it enables non-specialized teachers and professors to identify potential risks and anticipate learning difficulties, helping to reduce school failure. This technology helps the education system to face the digital challenge and brain-based learning, providing tools that can help improve the competitiveness and agility of the system.

CogniFit cognitive assessment batteries have also become a critical support for the transportation or vehicle industry, helping to offer more competitive services, minimize costs and help reduce accidents. These advantages can be transferred to other environments such as insurance companies, human resources, etc.

“We have sought to simplify and create an accessible application to create a bridge in the gaps between the user, school, business, or health professionals by offering graphs and comphrensible information for everyone. We are seeing a great deal of support, more and more patients, users, hospitals, schools and companies from different sectors are using these tools to evaluate cognitive health and brain functioning. We have seen how these advances are transformed into economic advantages for the institutions that apply them.” 

Explains Carlos Rodriguez, CTO of CogniFit.

Like a neuropsychologist, CogniFit asks the user a series of simple questions aimed at detecting the main diagnostic criteria, signs, and symptoms. It continues with a battery of digital tasks, clinical scales, and tests validated for the user’s age, aimed at accurately assessing the main cognitive aspects (memory, attention-concentration, planning, coordination, executive functions or reasoning). In this way, we will be able to know the complete cognitive profile and the risk index of suffering from the main cognitive disorders.

These tools oriented towards pre-diagnosis are helping to transform the way people access the health or education system, bringing important benefits to medical teams, researchers, companies, schools, insurance companies, etc.

Carlos Rodríguez adds that “technology is more and more present in society, and it takes on a special role in health and education. For us in this sector we need to meet the challenges that both areas entail.”