CogniFit Awarded 5-STAR Certification Badge from Global Educational App Store Organization

The prestigious Educational App Store group mainly focuses on the digital wellbeing of children. It is a discovery, review and recommendation platform for educational apps and websites (over 3’000 references). All their apps and websites are certified and reviewed by professionally experienced teachers, to help parents and educators progress a younger child’s education. They believe in challenging the status quo of app discovery, through trust and transparency.

In the case of CogniFit, a thorough review of the app, website and other social media materials was carried out during the last two months in 2022. Here there are some highlights explaining the successful outcome:

  • Top1 as best educational game app for adults (Jan’2023)
  • Top 2 best brain game for kids (Jan’2023)
  • Top 3 best brain training app (Jan’2023)

In particular, the EAP Teacher Review describes such in detail, the self-improvement element, the positive impact in over 20 cognitive skills, facility to use and specific benefits for students, parents and teachers.

Full review here:

CogniFit looks forward to continuing to contribute to this successful journey in education!

What is CogniFit – Brain Training app?

CogniFit’s name combines the words cognition and fitness, which sums up its purpose well. Cognifit is a cognition development platform which its developers have created to detect strengths and weaknesses in cognition and then develop it further.

Each user sees the results of the assessments and receives a guided program to help develop a wide array of thinking skills. CogniFit supports user improvement through neuropsychology-based coaching videos and more than sixty specially selected games that help target each skill set. 

The level of impact that brain training has on preserving and developing cognition is the subject of much debate in scientific literature, with studies showing a range of outcomes. A review of a brain training app cannot incorporate all of the scientific evidence available, so we recommend that you form your opinion by using the apps and reading the available research. Cognifit’s website contains articles from several institutions.

What we can say is that brain training will do no harm but may do some good. For many people, it is an enjoyable pastime that they feel helps maintain their mood and exercises their thinking skills. At the very least, it is a more mentally stimulating way to spend time than the passive consumption of videos or undemanding entertainment games.

The developer of Cognifit naturally believes that their app benefits the cognitive skills of people of all ages. Admirably, and distinct from some other brain training apps, its supporting website provides scientific references to support its claims and underpin the design of its activities.

This review will focus on how well the Cognifit platform works and the quality of its activities.

What we love about CogniFit app.

The games included in the training sessions are great fun as well as exercising different thinking skills, but they don’t just provide play opportunities. The Cognifit platform weaves all its constituent parts into a complete self-improvement course. The video coach sessions offer guidance and insight into how best to improve cognitive skills and show which games support their instruction. 

The assessment and feedback process is multi-faceted in how it works. Seeing the results of your initial assessment can either confirm suspicions about cognitive skills or provide new insight. Seeing the balance change after practice motivates the user to play more. The graphs and radial diagrams are easy to read, and seeing them evolve has a similar feel to earning achievements in computer games that kids enjoy.

As part of our educational app review process, we always look at how well-supported apps are, and Cognifit’s level of support is impressive. In the update log, regular entries indicate that the developer has added a new activity or brain-training game to the app.

Such regular updates indicate that the value you gain from this app will only grow, and it will remain fresh and interesting for those who use it.

What skills does it teach?

Cognifit’s developers describe it as an assessment and training platform for the whole family. It measures, evaluates and supports the development of more than 20 cognitive areas.

These cognitive areas fit into different training programs which users of Cognifit can select individually or as a whole. The training programs include concentration, coordination, driving, memory, perception, reading comprehension, reasoning, and exams.

What age is it appropriate for?

Cognifit’s developer describes its activities as suitable for the whole family as the adaptive platform responds to each user’s current level and rate of development. Young children can use the app. We’d suggest children of 7 and above as appropriate, but it will depend on the individual, so ensure you use the trial to see.

The platform uses a tool called the CogniFit Cognitive Assessment Battery (CAB) for measuring general cognitive well-being. The developer considers this test appropriate for anyone aged seven and above. More specific assessments are available, including one aimed at those over 55.

Is CogniFit app easy to use?

The Cognifit platform is accessible on different platforms, providing a slightly different user experience as they take advantage of the devices’ controls and screen sizes in different ways. Each works well and provides an intuitive navigation experience between the games, assessments, and coaching videos.

The general cognitive training approach used by the app supports the user well. It keeps them informed of what they need to practice and why.

How will students benefit?

Kids looking at the selection of brain-training games provided by Cognifit will be reminded of their favorite online gaming sites. The games used to train the player’s skills have a similar level of polish and high-quality presentation to pure entertainment titles. In fact, some of the games could easily fit into one of those gaming sites as a fun puzzle game.

The key thing about the games in Cognifit is that the reason behind their selection is to target certain skills, and the guidance of the platform is what makes the difference. Kids who are good at certain types of games will tend to concentrate on playing those, whereas Cognifit will guide players to reinforce their weaknesses rather than only playing to their strengths.

How will parents benefit?

Cognifit’s whole process is fun and satisfying for kids. The games are entertaining. Seeing the results of their practice in the stats is motivating, and understanding their balance of skills provides insight. This is great for parents because they won’t have to nag kids to use the app, and kids will be using their screen time for a purpose more developmental than pure entertainment.

Cognifit has the potential to be a family platform. Its adaptive challenges combine with each user’s assessments and interests to provide practice that suits their cognitive well-being and age. A potential area that parents might find interesting that kids won’t need to cover for a while is the driving simulation games for optimizing driving skills.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will usually want to use a large educational platform, such as this one, with multiple students, and Cognifit makes it easy to do so. The tools for administering the platform across a group of students are easy and effective to use.

Teachers often want their kids to develop perseverance and confidence in problem-solving. Many of the challenges in Cognifit lead kids towards completing more complex challenges; over time, they will see how their skills have grown. This personal growth may be reflected in their accomplishments in school subjects and exam results.

What can CogniFit app improve on?

When you sign up to the Cognifit platform, it asks you for your full date of birth. We can understand why the app needs to know your age for it to be able to customize your experience, but this does not need to be to the day. Apps should not ask for more accuracy than they need and should not normalise giving such accurate information without good cause.

How much does CogniFit app cost?

Home users

Cognifit has three subscription tiers, the first of which is free and works well for assessing the platform’s suitability for your needs. It provides an initial assessment, limited access to the games and a video-based coaching session.

The next tier is called Basic and includes a fuller package including 20 games, more assessment tasks and all of the video coaching content.

The Premium tier of Cognifit unlocks everything, including more than 60 games.

The paid-for tiers have different duration available, with the longer spans providing a lower monthly cost. Basic gives you a choice of monthly or annual, but the premium version has a three-year option. At the time of this review, the discount was substantial, and anyone considering the annual plan should look closely at the three-year plan.

Schools using Cognifit

The app’s subscription is much more flexible than typically allowed by apps for schools. Schools buy training months which they can allocate between students as they see fit. For example, this could be between two students over six months, or one student for six months and two students for three months each. You can make this choice after your purchase allowing teachers to be much more responsive in how they use the Cognifit platform than they will be used to with other educational apps.

Is CogniFit app safe to use?

Cognifit is structured to work within school policies. For example, your students can use Cognifit sessions through a personal account identified by their email. If your students don’t have email addresses, sharing them is against your policies, or you’d prefer not to use them, you can still use Cognifit. In this case, you will create and administer accounts on behalf of your students.

Cognifit does not display third-party advertisements in any of its subscription tiers.

You can allocate cognitive tests and training sessions to your students in both cases.

Overall rating of the app.

CogniFit provides its users with a substantial platform of content to help improve their cognitive abilities. Just as crucial as its breadth and depth of resources are their quality — they are a level above many other brain-training apps. It may well be that you and your children play games similar to some within Cognifit, so playing them within the ad-free and constructive guidelines of Cognifit combines entertainment and mental growth.

Take an assessment and try the free games in Cognifit for an insight into your cognitive skills. If you are convinced of the value of brain training, you’ll be impressed by this five-star app. Less

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