CogniFit is considered one of the leading companies in the healthcare market for specialized products.

  • This sector is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years as a result of increased awareness of healthy behaviors and interest in wellness.
CogniFit is considered one of the leading companies in the healthcare market for specialized products.

In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in mobile applications, games, therapies and gaming devices as a way to incorporate healthy living behaviors and transform people’s well-being.

CogniFit has become a key provider of technologies for cognitive assessment and stimulation for psychologists around the world. It also offers solutions for families, medical centers, schools, and individual users in more than 19 countries. This tool is designed to stimulate the mind in an easy and fun way.

Digital therapy has come to stay, studies indicate that during the next few years it will continue to grow and possibly become another tool in the recovery plan for patients with health problems. CogniFit’s innovative technology makes it one of the top players in digital tools for cognitive stimulation and health. One of the most important ways to deliver products that really make an impact is through clear and well-defined segmentation. With this in mind, CogniFit has developed scientifically validated tasks to accurately measure and aid in the cognitive stimulation of users with memory, attention, and concentration problems, as well as various cognitive disorders such as dyslexia, ADHD, and depression. 

More and more psychologists are incorporating online tools to enhance their work with patients. Many claim that these types of therapies have a positive impact in terms of involvement and effectiveness in the recovery of their patients. The success that supports CogniFit, and makes it the healthcare market leader is its scientific foundation and its specific product portfolio. Another advantage of Cognifit is that it has been translated into more than 19 different languages, making it more adaptable and easy to use for both professional psychologists and their patients. 

As studies indicate, gamification aims to transform the health sector, so the next few years will be key in setting this trend and establishing digital tools to obtain healthy lifestyles. In this way, CogniFit, in its role as one of the main players in this market together with Fitbit Inc., Ayogo Health Inc., Microsoft, Bunchball Inc., etc, must continue its mission and be at the service of society in order to continue providing the best solutions within cognitive stimulation programs.