CogniFit launched a dedicated brain fitness platform for schools

CogniFit launched a dedicated brain fitness platform for schools

CogniFit launched a dedicated brain fitness platform for schools

At CogniFit we love getting feedback, we very much value your opinions and greatly appreciate your views. And we have been receiving a ton of feedback from educators, teachers, or professors who want to use the CogniFit personalized brain fitness program with their students. Well, we have heard you and we are very pleased to inform you that we have just launched a dedicated platform for you: CogniFit for Schools.

CogniFit for Schools is a platform for schools to assess, train and track their students’ cognition. CogniFit 50+ online games assess and train core cognitive skills such as concentration, memory and attention.

Through 15 years of research with leading institutions and peer-reviewed publications, CogniFit’s brain games have gone through extensive and independent scientific validation. The benefits of our program have been scientifically proven. For example, this study shows how CogniFit personalized brain fitness program boosts reading skills and cognitive abilities. When dyslexic students trained with CogniFit, their brain activity, working memory and reading performance were shown to increase significantly, and results lasted up to six months after training on dyslexia.

Research shows that to provide any student with an effective brain fitness program, the training regimen needs to be personalized in order to match the student’s cognitive needs. While some students may have a mere idea of the cognitive skills they want to improve most students have absolutely no idea which cognitive could benefit from some training.

For this reason, before even starting their training, every student completes an assessment that measures their unique cognitive abilities. By using objective scientific analysis, the cognitive assessment relieves students and educators from the need to struggle with understanding a long list of cognitive skills or guessing the students skill level.

CogniFit technology uses this information to automatically build a training session including exercises that are designed to provide improvements exactly where the student needs them. Then, during each training session, CogniFit technology continues assessing the student to prepare and adjust automatically the next brain training session.

Consequently, 2 different students will not have the same training regimen. CogniFit technology automatically builds for every student the optimal brain training regimen based on their ongoing performance and their unique cognitive needs. This personalized training program trains students’ cognition across 20+ core cognitive skills.

As an educator, you may decide to narrow the training regimen. In that case, you can recommend specific brain training programs to help students:

 CogniFit personalized brain fitness program is a fun, engaging way for students to enhance learning abilities in a different way from traditional classroom activities. Try the CogniFit for Schools platform now!