CogniFit Launches New Multiple Sclerosis Specific Training Program

With the intention of continuing to grow and provide adapted solutions to different disorders, CogniFit has launched specific training to stimulate the cognitive abilities of people with Multiple Sclerosis.

  • The damage caused by Multiple Sclerosis can weaken the way different parts of the brain communicate. 
  • Here is what this new training is all about and how it can benefit people with Multiple Sclerosis.

How is CogniFit Training for Multiple Sclerosis? 

Cognitive decline, including memory, attention, processing speed and executive function impairment, affects up to 65% of patients with MS. Short-term memory, which is the ability to remember information learned shortly before it has to be retrieved, is especially affected in MS.

This new Multiple Sclerosis training, like all CogniFit training programs, has scientifically validated tasks and it is designed to be used from any device (web, mobile or tablet).

The goal of this program is to allow the patient to stimulate cognitive skills in a personalized way according to their specific needs in only 15 minutes per session. The Multiple Sclerosis training design is thought so that the user can easily train by simply registering in the application and subscribing to the specific monthly or annual program.

How can you help a person with Multiple Sclerosis?

While brain damage due to the disease can be disabling, delaying many of these changes can help extend and improve the patient’s life. 

That’s why CogniFit’s training program seeks to stimulate the specific skills that are affected in this disease and, through games and mental tasks, increase brain neuroplasticity. 

With this new training, CogniFit brings together a total of 20 specific training programs designed to stimulate users’ cognitive abilities. CogniFit aims to continue to lead the market for apps designed to measure and train mental abilities.