Jessica (is a New York City native, who is a recent graduate that earned her B.S in Psychology. She seeks to further her education by applying for Ph.D programs in Clinical Psychology with her research interests ranging from PTSD to those who suffer from schizophrenia. Aware that those fall on two opposite spectrums, her fascination with mental health and illness is one that is undying. Jessica enjoys educating those who are less familiar with the realm of psychology, and also enjoys learning all she can from those who have been in the field longer. She will never turn down the opportunity to talk about the topics she writes about, and will appreciate any criticisms and feedback that those have to give. Jessica encourages commentary on her blog posts, so don't be afraid to speak your mind and share your stories!

Priming: Wie beeinflusst es uns, welche Formen gibt es?


  In der Psychologie nennt man Priming den impliziten Gedächtniseffekt, bei dem ein präsentierter Stimulus die Antwort auf einen nachfolgenden Reiz beeinflusst. Im Folgenden werden […]

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