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CogniFit for Families: Test, Train, and Track Your Family’s Cognitive Skills

CogniFit has long been a favorite brain-training tool for thousands of users looking to boost their cognitive abilities. But did you know that CogniFit also offers a one-of-a-kind cognitive training platform specifically designed for families!?

The CogniFit Families platform allows families to enjoy all of the fantastic cognitive assessments and training activities offered by CogniFit with some great additional features designed specifically for families… So, go on, invite your kids, invite your parents, invite your third cousin on your mother’s side if you want, and enjoy the CogniFit Families platform the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: Together!

About the CogniFit Platform for Families

The CogniFit Families Platform
The CogniFit Families Platform

When you register for CogniFit Families, you will be able to access a special dashboard that will allow you to manage your Family account, connect or create accounts for family members, purchase and assign assessment and training licenses, and track the progress of each member of your family.

Adding Family Members, Assigning Tasks, & Tracking Their Progress

It's Easy to Add and Manage Family Members.

When you are ready to add a family member to your Family account, you will have the option of creating a new account for them or connecting an existing CogniFit account they already use.

Once a family member is connected to the Family account, you will be able to assign assessments and training programs to meet the needs of each individual family member.

As your family members complete assigned tasks, you will be able to view the results of the assessments and the progress each member has made with their training programs, all from one central location.

How Family Members Can Enjoy CogniFit

When a family member is ready to take an assessment or begin a training session, there are a couple of options for how they can perform these tasks: They can either sign into their personal account that has been connected to the Family account and start the activity just like normal, or they can begin the activity directly from the main dashboard of the CogniFit Families platform.

Family Members Can Access Assigned Tasks From Their Personal CogniFit Account...
Family Members Can Access Assigned Tasks From Their Personal CogniFit Account…
...Or Directly From the CogniFit Families Platform.
…Or Directly From the CogniFit Families Platform.

This means that you can give family members who are old enough to have their own account, or those who live far away, the freedom to access their assessment and training tasks from their own devices. And you can help very young or elderly family members access their training and assessment tasks without the need for them to navigate their own individual accounts.

Flexibility and simplicity. The very best of both worlds.

For more information on how the CogniFit Families platform works, how to add and manage family members, and more, check out these useful articles in our FAQ section.

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