Information and useful news about different pathologies, illnesses, and disorders that affect children. Treatment, help diagnosing, forms, prevention, tricks, ideas, etc.

Students Return to School After Quarantine. Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash

Mathematics & Mental Health: How Are Our Children Coping with Returning to School in the Age of Coronavirus?

Sanitizer, medical masks, and…colored pencils? As the summer heat starts to wind down and schools begin to open up and air out the classrooms after […]

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ADHD Kids at Home

ADHD at Home: 6 Easy Things to Try if Your Kid Just Can’t Sit Still

Crazy kids running around like wild animals; terrible students who continuously disrupt the classroom; Daydreaming, lazy teenagers who can stop tapping their pen while trying […]

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Dysgraphia vs. Dyslexia: 5 Key Facts About These Learning Difficulties for Reading and Writing

Dysgraphia vs. Dyslexia: 5 Key Facts About These Learning Difficulties for Reading and Writing

Children are incredible things. Watching a child grow and develop and learn is one of the greatest experiences in the world. But as anyone who […]

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bipolar disorder in children - symptoms causes and treatment

Bipolar disorder in children: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Every parent knows that children’s mood changes can be unpredictable. One moment, they seem calm and happy and the next moment they’re throwing a tantrum. […]

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avoidant restrictive food intake disorder arfid

Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID): Symptoms and treatment

Is your child showing signs of extreme picky eating? Are you worried that they may have an underlying disorder? In most cases, fussy eating is […]

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Is there really any difference between Asperger’s and autism?

Differences between Asperger’s and Autism

Autism and asperger’s syndrome are well known conditions that affect a broad range of social skills, behavior, speech and communication. They are forms of neurodiversity, […]

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Peer pressure

Peer Pressure: Why We Feel It, How to Overcome it, and Can It Be Positive?

Peer Pressure. When we hear the phrase ‘peer pressure’ we often think back to grade school. We might think of the pressure children and adolescents […]

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