Many professionals have helped us fully understand teenage and childhood depression that can present itself in different ages. Get to know the symptoms and learn how to detect it. Inform yourself about the possible causes, diagnosis options, treatment, etc.

Animal Assisted Therapy: What it is, and how does it help?


  Nothing but heart eyes galore anytime we see an owner with a dog on a street. We see those sad commercials with animals who […]

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effects of divorce on family and children

Effects of Divorce on Children and Families: What it Does and How to Help


  Effects of divorce on children and families. Each person goes through their own individual experiences and has a way to deal with situations. I personally […]

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How to prevent depression in children

Is Your Child Sad? How To Prevent Depression in Children


  Learning how to prevent depression may be helpful for keeping your children from suffering and helping be more emotionally balanced in the future.We usually […]

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depression in teens

Problems at school? Types and signs of teen depression


  If we have learned anything from the movies about high school, it’s that being a teenager is complicated. The football players and cheerleaders rule […]

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