Information and useful news about different pathologies, illnesses, and disorders that affect children. Treatment, help diagnosing, forms, prevention, tricks, ideas, etc.

Peer pressure

Peer Pressure: Why We Feel It, How to Overcome it, and Can It Be Positive?

Peer Pressure. When we hear the phrase ‘peer pressure’ we often think back to grade school. We might think of the pressure children and adolescents […]

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teacher burnout

Teacher burnout: What is it and what consequences does it have on students?

Stress and unmotivated teachers are becoming a common issue among faculty. Low self-esteem, work overload, emotional exhaustion and difficulties in dealing with disruptive, uninterested, rebellious students, […]

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Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder: What is it? What are the symptoms, treatments and does my child exhibit any signs? Take the mini quiz!

“Sometimes the noise in my life bothers me. It hurts my ears.” These are common things people with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or Sensory Integration […]

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Oedipus Complex

Tapping into the Oedipus Complex: Have I ever been in love with my parents?

What if I told you that you were in love with your parents? You would think, “of course I am, they’re my parents!” But, what […]

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Online Dyscalculia Quiz

Do You Think Your Child Might Have Dyscalculia? Take The Online Dyscalculia Quiz

Dyscalculia is a learning disorder characterized by a difficulty learning mathematical operations, numbers, and symbols. If you think your school-aged child might have dyscalculia, take […]

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cognifit- benefits of having an autistic child 1

Benefits of Having a Dog for an Autistic Child

There are different types of autism and different autism therapies for each type. While traditional occupational therapy can help a great deal, looking into alternative […]

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Possible Differences In Autism Symptoms Between Boys and Girls

Is Autism The Same In Both Sexes? Possible Differences In Autism Symptoms Between Boys and Girls

There have been many different studies conducted about autism in children that makes us believe that girls have a type of genetic protection against autism. […]

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new treatment for autism

New Treatment for Pitt-Hopkins Autism

Researchers as the Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD) have, for the first time, identified a possible treatment for Pitt-Hopkins autism. Pitt-Hopkins syndrome (PHS) is […]

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dyscalculia test online

Dyscalculia test online: Find out if your child has math difficulties

What is dyscalculia? Dyscalculia consists of a neurological alteration that causes profound difficulties when identifying numbers and counting. Sometimes this disorder is known as “math […]

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painting is beneficial for autistic children

Painting Is Beneficial For Autistic Children: Iris Grace, The Little Genius

Iris Grace is a 6 year-old autistic girl who is fascinated by three things: her cat, Thula, playing the violin, and painting. There’s nothing more […]

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Cómo manejar la agresividad en niños con TDAH

How to Handle Aggressiveness In Children With ADHD

It’s important to know how to handle aggressiveness in children with ADHD, as children who suffer from this disorder are impulsive because of their excessive energy, which […]

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