Informational blog about depression. Why do we get tired and weak? Different professionals help us get a better understanding of depression, its causes, signs or symptoms, the types of depression, how to get a diagnosis, what kind of treatment or therapies there are, etc. Here you will find interesting tips, articles, and news that may help patients and families understand this disorder and provide some clues about how to know when you or a family member is suffering from depression.

Is it true that hereditary depression exists?

Is depression hereditary? The role of genes

Depression or major depressive disorder is a common illness that is difficult to decipher. It can have many different causes and symptoms, and its diagnosis […]

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Seasonal affective disorder

Are You at Risk for Seasonal Affective Disorder? Know its Symptoms and What it’s All About

What is seasonal affective disorder, or SAD? Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression characterized by differences in outdoor seasonal activity. Most people with […]

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