Respect: What is it, types, examples, learn and teach respect


  Respect: a useful guide. Learn what it is, why it is important, types and examples. Discover interesting tips on how to teach respect. What […]

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Pica Disorder

Pica Disorder: What is is? Discover everything about this eating disorder


  Pica disorder also called “pica” is not well known but has serious health implications. It is a type of eating disorder in which there […]

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Exercises to improve executive function

10 Simple Exercises to Improve Executive Function At Home


  Recent studies have been able to shed some light on executive functions, their importance, and how they can be trained. In this article, psychologist […]

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multipotentiality and multipotentialites

Multipotentialites & Multipotentiality: Embracing Your True Path of Paths


  For many gifted children and adults alike, multipotentiality can be a blessing and a curse. Marked by the ability to excel across numerous fields, […]

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