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Hope for brain hemorrhage patients

Hope for brain hemorrhage patients

UCLA study shows promise, offers hope for brain hemorrhage patients.

A new endoscopic surgical procedure has been shown to be safer and to result in better outcomes than the current standard medical treatment for patients who suffer strokes as a result of brain hemorrhages, UCLA neurosurgeons have announced.

Stroke is the leading cause of death and long-term disability in America. During a stroke, bleeding becomes toxic and deadly in the brain. Brain hemorrhage that causes stroke is a devastating, critical condition with a mortality rate of 75 percent. If a patient manages to survive, he or she could face a life of severe disability. Nearly 800,000 Americans suffer strokes each year.

Brain changes may make older people more prone to scams

Brain changes may make older people more prone to scams.

When faces in the photos were trustworthy or neutral, the older adults’ responses were very similar to those of younger adults. But when viewing faces rated as untrustworthy, the older adults were less likely to pick up on cues.

On the younger study subjects, the brain scans showed significant activity in a portion of the brain called the anterior insula when they looked at pictures of untrustworthy types. But in the older volunteers, there was very little brain activity in this brain part.