What to do if your child has ADHD: Basic guide for parents


Parents may sometimes get frustrated when their child doesn’t perform well in school or shows signs of a concentration problem. They may blame themselves for not doing a good job parenting and worry more about why it happened rather than the problem itself. If this is your case, it’s time to find out if your child has ADHD.

When it comes to ADHD, negative feelings and frustration won’t get you anywhere. Try to think about your child and act accordingly. You have to move forward with your goal to help your child improve everyday.

child has ADHD

Importance of individual development in children with ADHD

In this aspect it’s important to give children with ADHD the possibility to start from zero everyday. Children with this disorder can’t control their behaviors or think about possible future consequences. Holding on to your anger because of behavioral problems usually makes the situation worse rather than fixing it. It’s important to adapt to the situation and work to improve your child’s situation.

Children with ADHD have a hard time adapting to different circumstances, which is why they can’t get used to a slow life. You have to let your child develop and learn for him or herself, and don’t get upset if they don’t perform well in school.

The child will be happiest when he is able to control his emotions and make friends with other kids. This will be easier for him if he knows that his parents will support him in any situation.

Where you can find help if your child has ADHD

It can be hard to raise a child, especially hyperactive children. You may feel like taking care of your kids is too much, but you should never be afraid to ask for help. These are some helpful resources that you can go to if your child has ADHD.

– To find out if your child has ADHD, you can talk to your pediatrician or a specialist to get a professional opinion. Your pediatrician may be able to recommend a child psychologist to make a more in-depth analysis.


-Talk to your family. They may be able to help give you a hand taking care of your children.

-Join special groups that can help you get access to educational, social, and health care resources.

-Talk to your child’s teachers. The child spends most of his time there, so the teachers will able to see how he’s performing day-to-day.

General recommendations if your child has ADHD

If you’re still not sure what you can do as a parent of a child with ADHD, here are some basic ideas for raising a hyperactive child.

-Try to make sure he has a normal life, that he has scheduled time for homework, playing, and exercising. Divide tasks into short periods of time and with lots of breaks.

-Don’t get mad. Calm down and reflect before you burst out.

-Modify the child’s learning to his capacities and don’t spend too much time on tasks that he can’t get past.

-Don’t continuously point out his mistakes.

-Establish clear and simple rules.

-When the child interrupts you when you talk, don’t pay attention to them. They will learn when it is appropriate to talk.

-Dedicate some time playing with him doing something he likes.

-The child needs to know that you love him and will support him through anything. Make sure you’re always on his side.


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