CogniFit Helps CASA SEAT Promote Driver Safety Through Cognitive Assessments

We are excited to announce a collaboration with CASA SEAT on their Enjoy Your Drive series focused on training in road safety.

CASA SEAT, part of the SEAT automotive company, is a forward-looking project dedicated to “explor[ing] the future of mobility, inspired by new technology, design, and creativity.”

This unique project hosts events, activities, and creative spaces at the intersection of culture and mobility. CASA SEAT is one of the most exciting organizations of its kind and brings people together around topics such as road safety, sustainable mobility, and alternative transportation.

Promo Video for CASA SEAT [Video in Spanish]

What is The ‘Enjoy Your Drive’ Event?

The Enjoy Your Drive event, taking place in Barcelona, Spain began on September 17th and continues through the 30th of November. It is presented in collaboration with Fast Parcmotor [Link in Spanish], and the RACC [Link in Spanish].

Attendees of the event will be able to attend a series of talks and activities focused on learning to enjoy driving in complete safety through activities related to driver education. Within the Enjoy Your Drive event cycle, the mobility hub will house a ‘rollover simulator’ that will allow visitors to experience firsthand what it is like to be in a rollover situation in a vehicle—in a safe, dynamic, and highly educational way.

The 'Rollover Simulator' in the mobility hub at the CASA SEAT 'Enjoy Your Drive' Event
The ‘Rollover Simulator’ in the mobility hub at the CASA SEAT ‘Enjoy Your Drive’ Event

In addition, specialized trainers from RACC and Fast Parcmotor will be providing attendees with a supervised driving experience where drivers can learn the appropriate steps to take to ensure their safety and maintain vehicle integrity at all times.

The SEAT Medical Service team will also include core training in first aid with practical examples such as the Rautek maneuver, a key technique to safely remove a person trapped in a car.

How is CogniFit Collaborating?

But an activity as complex as safely driving a motor vehicle requires more than physical awareness and knowledge of first aid practices. It also requires drivers to use a broad range of cognitive abilities such as Focus, Visual Short-term Memory, and Processing Speed, just to name a few.

This is why CogniFit has partnered with CASA SEAT to allow attendees to take our Cognitive Assessment Battery for Driving and see a full report, obtained from the data calculated during the evaluation, detailing the functioning of the cognitive abilities related to safe and effective driving.

Based on the feedback from the CogniFit driving assessment and the automotive safety experts from CASA SEAT, Drivers will be able to get a clear picture of their driving-safety rating, compliance with road regulations, and their cognitive capabilities related to safe driving; including specific recommendations and a personalized plan of action.

We are excited to be a part of this unique and important event for driver safety and look forward to helping make the roads a safer place for everyone.  

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