9 Functions of Dopamine That Serve You: What is it and How Does It Affect you?


 The functions of dopamine are too many to count. Dopamine is an extremely famous neurotransmitter working in your brain. Whenever you want to learn anything […]

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Pathological liars

Pathological Liars: How to Identify, Help, and Prevent It from Happening


 Telling the occasional white lie doesn’t change who your are and it doesn’t make you a bad person. However, there are some people who relate […]

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stop smoking tips

Trying To Quit Smoking? 11 Stop Smoking Tips from a Psychologist


 “I can quit whenever I want”, “I’m not really addicted”, “I’ll quit after this week”, “We’ll all die someday anyways”… Quitting smoking can be hard, […]

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Neuroscience of the sexes: Are there gender differences in the brain?


 We all know the differences between male and females. For centuries we’ve discussed the physical, social and emotional differences between man and woman. But one […]

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Understand your brain and stress

Understanding Your Brain and Stress: What Happens When We’re Stressed?


 It’s time to talk about our good ol’ buddy stress. For most of us, it seems to cling to us all day every day, no […]

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Online Dyscalculia Quiz

Do You Think Your Child Might Have Dyscalculia? Take The Online Dyscalculia Quiz


 Dyscalculia is a learning disorder characterized by a difficulty learning mathematical operations, numbers, and symbols. If you think your school-aged child might have dyscalculia, take […]

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how to become a morning person

How to Become a Morning Person: 10 Tips for the Sleeping Beauty in All of Us


 We’ve all made plans the night before, telling ourselves things like “Okay, tomorrow I will wake up early, eat breakfast, go for a run, shower, […]

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Bullying and the Brain: Schoolyard Cruelty

Bullying and the Brain: The Neuroscience of Bullying


 As a young, school-going kid there are a lot of things that are rights of passage- your first invite to a birthday party, your first […]

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Music Helps the Brain

Are You a Mozart or a Macklemore? : Ways Music Helps the Brain


 “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Friedrich Nietzche may have been skeptical about a lot of things, but the power of music was not […]

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False memories: What are they?

False Memories: Can You Trust Your Memory?


 We often don’t think about the accuracy of our memories. We just assume that they’re exact and precise, because it’s something that we experienced. But […]

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Narrative Exposure Therapy: Stones and Flowers

What’s Your Story? : Narrative Exposure Therapy


 A lot of time and resources have been spent on investigating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in soldiers- and it’s warranted (more on how to live […]

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Alternative Mental Health Therapy: Yoga

Trying the Unconventional: Alternative Mental Health Therapy


 Since psychiatry became a significant field in modern day medicine, millions of people have gotten treatment for mental disorders. The most prevalent psychiatric treatments have […]

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Memory improving techniques

How to Remember Everything: Memory Techniques


 Are you struggling to remember things in your everyday life? Whether its forgetting people’s names immediately after meeting them, attempting to recall your grocery list, […]

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A Father's Pregnancy: Post Pregnancy

A Father’s Pregnancy


 As a father you may not actually have real morning sickness or swollen feet. You may not have to deal with the painful contractions or the breast-feeding […]

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How to Live with PTSD

How to Live with PTSD


 Just a few days ago a gunman fired upon a primarily LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida, slaughtering 50 people and leaving dozens more injured and […]

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Starved brains kill memory-making to survive

Life after stroke: Regaining Independence


 Stroke. You’ve probably had your doctor warn you about your increased risk, or have even had someone in your life experience it. It is responsible for the […]

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multipotentiality and multipotentialites

Multipotentialites & Multipotentiality: Embracing Your True Path of Paths


 For many gifted children and adults alike, multipotentiality can be a blessing and a curse. Marked by the ability to excel across numerous fields, the […]

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Depression: how to keep it at bay?

Tips to Help Yourself Out of Depression: Keeping Bad Moods at Bay


 Over the last decade, depression rates have spiraled so much so that approximately 1 in 4 Americans will experience Major Depression at least once in […]

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What is validation therapy?

How To Communicate With Someone Who Has Advanced Dementia: Validation Therapy


 Do you not understand why you have to continuously repeat the same thing to your family member with dementia? Does it bother you that they […]

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cognifit- benefits of having an autistic child 1

Benefits of Having a Dog for an Autistic Child


 There are different types of autism and different autism therapies for each type. While traditional occupational therapy can help a great deal, looking into alternative […]

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ways to stay focused if you have ADHD

Don’t Get Distracted! Ways to Stay Focused If You Have ADHD


 Many adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder can’t combat the symptoms of this disorder without medication, but if the symptoms of ADHD in adults is […]

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How to avoid jet lag

Feeling Extra Tired After Your Trip? How To Avoid Jet Lag


 When we travel and change time zones, it’s normal for our bodies to need time to adjust. While we’re adjusting, we might experience insomnia, fatigue, digestive […]

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Caffeine As An ADHD Treatment

Caffeine As An ADHD Treatment: Combat Hyperactivity Without Medication


 It’s been proven that caffeine can help reduce the symptoms of ADHD in some people, but it is an experimental treatment for ADHD and isn’t […]

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relaxing music to stimulate your baby

Developing Intelligence in Your Child: Relaxing Music To Stimulate Your Baby


 We’ve talked a few times about how music affects the brain. Music has been proven to cause emotional reactions in people, like happiness or sadness, […]

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super foods for your brain

13 Superfoods For Your Brain


 Eating in some cultures is very important. It is a time when friends and family gather and enjoy a meal together. The Spanish even have […]

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Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Does Stress Get You Down? Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks


 How can you work on overcoming anxiety and panic attacks? Getting stressed out before a final paper is due, or before giving an important presentation […]

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How To Treat Dyscalculia In Children

Your Child Isn’t Doing Well At School? How To Treat Dyscalculia In Children


 Dyscalculia is a learning disorder that affects a child’s ability to learn mathematical processes and skills. Luckily, this learning disorder has nothing to do with […]

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Possible Differences In Autism Symptoms Between Boys and Girls

Is Autism The Same In Both Sexes? Possible Differences In Autism Symptoms Between Boys and Girls


 There have been many different studies conducted about autism in children that makes us believe that girls have a type of genetic protection against autism. […]

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How to live with a schizophrenic

How To Live With a Schizophrenic: Make Your Life Easier


 Living with someone who has schizophrenia might be hard sometimes. Even though you can’t see it, these people need you. In this article, we’ll talk […]

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