Tavad- Centro de Desintoxicación incorpora CogniFit para medir los cambios cognitivos de sus pacientes

Tavad- Addiction Rehab Center uses CogniFit to measure the cognitive changes of its patients

TAVAD, Advanced Addiction Treatment, is a clinic treating and rehabilitating addictions of alcohol, tranquilizers, cocaine, heroin, methadone, and other addictive substances. It offers a high […]

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teaching styles

Teaching Styles: Everything you need to know about teaching methods and strategies

Have you ever thought about how each classroom teaches things differently? In this article, we answer what are teaching styles, why are there multiple teaching […]

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CogniFit colabora con el Centro de Instrucción de Medicina Aeroespacial- Ejército del Aire

Applied research from the Aerospace Medicine Training Center (CIMA) applies CogniFit to evaluate army pilots.

The Aerospace Medicine Training Center (CIMA), part of the Air Force, focuses its actions on improving the safety and operational capacity of personnel with flight […]

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