Jacquelyn is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. She is studying both Neuroscience and Psychology, and earning a minor in Chemistry. Jacquelyn is particularly interested in neuromuscular research and neurobiological diseases related to aging, and hopes to apply her passions to future functional neuroscience research.
motor memory

Motor Memory: Why You Never Forget How to Ride a Bike


  Motor memory is the result of motor learning, which involves developing new muscular coordination. This allows us to recall motor coordination we have learned in […]

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Fight or Flight: All You Need to Know About This Response


  Fight or Flight. The sympathetic nervous system is one of two subdivisions of the autonomic nervous system, which is part of the peripheral nervous […]

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Synapses: How Your Brain Communicates


  A synapse is the space between two neurons which allows for neural communication, or synaptic transmission. Synapses are found throughout the body, not just located […]

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Brainwaves: What They Are and What They Do


  Brainwaves are the collection of electrical activity in the brain. This electrical activity is caused by the communication of neurons in the brain. The […]

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Marijuana's effects on the brain

Marijuana’s Effects on the Brain: A Scientific Look At Cannabis and the Brain


  Marijuana’s effects on the brain. Marijuana is becoming a more socially acceptable psychoactive substance, and coincidentally, a more abused substance. The other most popular […]

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