Brain Games: Mental Fitness, Fun, or Both?

Brain Games Mental Fitness, Fun, or Both
Brain Games: Mental Fitness, Fun, or Both?

In the article on AT&T Thread, brain games and brain training is questioned. By understanding what these applications do, we can better understand how to use them.

What do you want to achieve?

Brain training applications say that they can train certain parts of the brain in order to improve in various aspects of your life, like performing better at work, recalling names, and reducing stress. How does this happen? Studies have shown that it is possible to create new neural pathways in the brain, making it possible to overcome difficulties and improve assets. Brain plasticity or neuroplasticity allows the brain to create more of these neural pathways, which can enhance reaction time, processing speed, and global cognition.

Applications or websites like CogniFit may help improve cognitive areas such as memory, concentration, mental reflexes, and problem solving. Other applications are available that focus mainly on memory building.

There are also a range of games and apps used for relaxation and meditation.

Christi Durden, an RN in Seattle was quoted in the AT&T Thread article talking about her personal experience with brain games. “It’s both challenging and relaxing” she says. Durden mentions how working in the health care field makes one very conscious of the difficulties that memory loss causes. While she has no proof that the games have helped her memory, she claimed that they are entertaining and made her better at the individual game.

Brain Games: Mental Fitness, Fun, or Both? | AT&T Thread