Creating the New You: Building your Future

Pursuing Your Ideal Self… the new you

There’s a massive difference between the person you are right now, and the person you could be… The new you. The chasm that lays between these two versions of you is called “potential”. The clarity and realism of our aspirations serve as beacons, guiding us through the labyrinth of our current situations towards a brighter, more fulfilling future. If that future shines brightly enough, we may feel motivated or even compelled to chase after it with enthusiasm and gusto.

True enough, there are obstacles strewn about the path such as might even hinder you and rob you of the drive you need to make such a voyage. Courage, then, is required. Join us in this blog post, now and we mindfully take these first steps to the new you.

Visualise the new you and make it happen

Section 1: The Three Steps of Imagining Your Ideal Self:

Identifying Your Talents, Interests, and Values:

Embarking on the journey of self-discovery begins with a profound understanding of our own intricacies. Identifying our talents, interests, and values becomes the compass guiding us toward our ideal self. It’s a journey inward, a reflective process that uncovers the unique attributes that make us who we are. As we unravel our own intricacies, we find the key to unlocking a domain or niche where our contributions can echo meaningfully in society.

This is where a deep grounding in mindful meditation shall serve us in fine manner. The very purpose of our meditation, at the end of the day, is self-knowledge. If you are not yet meditating, this is probably the best reason to get started. You will need to observe yourself very deeply and invest time into the process. As you sit, lie or stand in meditation, your oh-so-tricky mind will try to pull your attention from one triviality to the next. The mind is a wonder of self deception and an absolute whiz at pure distraction.

Why the mind tends towards this anything-but-self-knowledge approach is a mystery to all but the truth of this tendency remain as ever. We must become observers of ourselves… observers of our every thought, feeling, desire and aversion.

It’s easy to get distracted

Questions to Ponder:

  • What are my current limitations?
  • What am I currently afraid of doing?
  • Where do I lack knowledge or ability?
  • How am I allowing self-beliefs to get in the way of success?
  • How many of these things can be learned or trained?

Mindfulness Meditation

You don’t need to join an Ashram to lean to be mindful. Thanks to technology, apps such as MindFit exist which can, through guided meditation, take you through the initial steps until a mindful outlook becomes habitual. Journaling your thoughts and asking honest questions with the highest expectation of honest answers is a gift you must give yourself.

Ask yourself about your self-imposed limitations, your fears, both rational and irrational, your prejudices and preferences need all be revealed under the light of your scrutiny

Meditate easily with MindFit

Setting SMART Goals:

With the canvas of self-identity painted, the next step involves translating aspirations into tangible, achievable goals. Enter SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. These goals act as the milestones on our journey, guiding us towards improvement and personal growth. Aligned with our vision, they challenge us to expand our skills and abilities, pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

This means that you must dare to imagine; See yourself as fearless and accomplished. See yourself as having already achieved greatness and put it all carefully into writing. Imagine a version of yourself to whom an unswerving admiration is due. Paint a portrait in words and lay it upon a page. Read it out loud both might and day.

Meditate on it Night and Day

Let the new you become a healthy obsession. Open up a decent meditation app that can relax you and put you into a state which permits a deep visualisation. Create an image of yourself in which you have already accomplished all that you desire. Remain in that state and resolve to find the pathways, no matter how rocky, that lead to this newer and better version of you.

Never expect the road ahead to be free of obstacles

Developing an Action Plan for the New You:

A vision without a plan is merely a wish. Breaking down our goals into manageable tasks and milestones propels us into action. The meticulous planning, akin to a roadmap, ensures that our journey is navigable and the destination reachable. As we monitor our progress and adapt our plans, we cultivate a habit of self-reflection, becoming architects of our own evolution.

If we start with an example of physical fitness: Say you are too skinny by your own estimation and desire a muscular olympian physique. Rather than brushing it aside and calling it a mere pipe dream along the lines of “I am an Adonis. My muscles are like those of Vann Damm in his prime”. This is a positive affirmation to be sure but upon a literal self reflection in a full length mirror will reveal, quite untrue.

Set as your goal an extra inch on the arms (specific and measurable) in one year (achievable) to move me closer to my “Brussels with muscles” ideal (relevant) and, as state before, in one year (so that’s time-bound). Once the year is up or the goal is reached, merely update the goal.

Section 2: Overcoming Obstacles on the Path to the New You:

Avoiding Social Comparison:

In the age of constant connectivity, the peril of comparing ourselves to others looms large. This distraction, rather than fostering growth, often leads to feelings of inferiority or superiority. Instead, we must shift our focus inward, acknowledging our individual journeys. Learning from others becomes a collaborative effort, not a yardstick for measuring our worth.

So, if we stick with the muscles analogy; I am a shiny example of skinniness compared to one chap at the gym and a a wall of muscle compared to another. Who cares? At the end of the day, I wake up with myself, and not in the presence of either of those two. Forget comparisons with others,

Not everyone wants a body like this, but those who do, know that inch by inch progress is the way

Staying Focused Amid Distractions:

External factors and internal doubts can cast shadows on our path, threatening to divert us from our course. Resilience becomes our armour, and focus, our guiding light. By navigating through distractions and discouragements, we cultivate the strength to stay true to our vision even in the face of adversity.

Of course, you may have a job to do, a family that you are responsible for and a host of other obligations or hobbies. This is where we must carefully plan our SMART goals and ensure that our goals remain realistic- If my goal, then, is to study English literature, a page a day is doable whereas a book a day is way out. No matter what the day might fling at me, I can still do a page a day. That new you is not so far away.

Striving for Excellence and Persistence:

The journey towards the new you is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Settling for mediocrity or succumbing to the temptation of giving up prematurely can derail our progress. The pursuit of excellence requires persistence through difficulties, a commitment to surpassing our own expectations, and an unwavering resolve to traverse the extra mile. Even if you slow down to a snail’s pace, never stop. Inch yourself forward. After a year of inching yourself towards excellence, you will be amazed at the giant leaps you will have made-

The new you is not just at the peak, you find them at every inch of progress

Conclusion: Reach for the New You

The pursuit of our ideal selves is a harmonious melody composed of self-identification, goal setting, and resilience in the face of challenges. As we traverse this journey, armed with determination and courage, we find that the limitations of our current situations dissolve in the wake of personal growth and fulfillment. Our lives become a masterpiece, painted with the brushstrokes of self-discovery and the pursuit of our truest, most authentic selves. So, let us embark on this journey, fueled by the vision of who we could be, and bravely stride towards the realization of our ideal selves.

Brendan C. Clarke