A proud new partner: Malaga Silver Economy Hub, for better Brain Health

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Malaga Silver Economy
. They are a Spain born organization aiming to promote, connect and give visibility to companies and organizations contributing with innovative solutions to the needs and challenges faced by people over the age of 50 years old. They are based in Malaga, within the Technological Park site, emphasizing Malaga’s overall ecosystem drive to become an international innovation reference.

What is Malaga Silver Economy Hub (MSE)?

A consortium that aims to become a reference center and catalyst for the economic, social, and
innovative development of the Silver Economy, the sum of all those products and services designed
for the over 50 years old consumers. They excel in promoting collaboration, networking and value
creation for all parties interested, with the objective of transforming Malaga region into a reference
spot. A vibrant and dynamic ecosystem, where companies, start-ups, investors, and professionals
join forces to create innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the silver population.

Where Does CogniFit Come In?

Most people will know CogniFit from their evaluation and brain games.
Malaga Silver Economy members and users will benefit from the current portfolio of products and
services. These do come with an unmatched scientific and technological validation.
And in regard to the future, CogniFit is firmly engaged in major internal and external
Research & Development activities that support Healthy Ageing across the globe.

MSE and CogniFit Together

CogniFit and MSE have now joined forces to launch a series of promotional and educational activities
for the HUB members. Healthcare and cognition are also a reference pillar in its roadmap. The tools
CogniFit develops are backed up by clinical and empirical evidence provided by independent top-
notch academia and research institutions.

Having proven as a major screening and diagnostic support cognition stakeholder, the scale-up of
activities is a desirable demanding journey for CogniFit. Making such an accessible solution was in
the philosophy of the company since inception back in 1999.

The synergies expected of the MSE HUB and CogniFit are exciting and one thing is for
certain, they will not go unnoticed. There are major negotiations going on with new members while
the pipeline of CogniFit future products (both, in brain training and in digital therapeutics) keeps

Looking Forward

In 2023 MSE was built to create a catalyst of stakeholders, which promotes overall development of
the region’s silver population (over 50’s) including a health vector and its associated cognitive health

CogniFit will now help to take this a step further for not only understanding these valuable
individuals brain and Cognitive health, but then being able to crucially do something as needs arise.