Candy Line Up: A Fun Way to Train Working Memory

Are you ready to try out our sweetest brain game yet? The developers must have been dreaming of sweet treats or entire candy factories when they began planning this brain game. Candy Line Up gives our users fun and engaging ways to train some of the most commonly used cognitive abilities!

We are proud to showcase Candy Line Up – a cognitive stimulation game that is so sweet we feel the need to shout out an important reminder. This game is, in fact, SUGAR-FREE, HAS ZERO CARBS, AND PROBABLY WON’T CAUSE CAVITIES. Enjoy!


Candy Line Up: CogniFit's Newest Brain Game
Candy Line Up: CogniFit’s Newest Brain Game

Candy Line Up is a fun and relaxing way to stimulate the brain. All you have to do is organize different types of candy into their respective packaging. By the end of each round, every tube should have a single type of candy. And, you can gain points by filling a tube all the way up.

However, just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, things will change! The game gets a bit more complex by adding unique modifiers to certain tubes. These modifiers could mean that certain candies can’t be placed inside certain tubes. No one wants to mix lemon drops with chocolate raisins, right?).

Other modifiers may give you extra points or additional restrictions. The makes each game unique and creates captivating challenges as users progress through the levels.


Candy Line Up is a puzzle game that requires the user to plan their moves strategically. However, they also need to maintain awareness of the various colors, patterns, and other details. This is so players can make appropriate decisions when executing the strategy.

And most importantly, it helps stimulate the cognitive abilities related to Planning and Working Memory. Also, as the game progresses, the introduction of unique limitations and obstacles helps train the cognitive ability for Updating.


Planning is a fundamental cognitive skill that forms part of our Executive Functions. Planning allows us to “think about the future”“. It’s also the ability to mentally anticipate the right way to do something or reach a specific goal.

It’s the mental process that allows us to choose the necessary actions to reach a goal. To do this, we must decide the right order, assign each task to the proper cognitive resources, and then establish a plan of action.

Working Memory

Working Memory (or operative memory) is the set of processes that allow us to store and manipulate temporary information. Then, we can carry out complex cognitive tasks like language comprehension, reading, learning, or reasoning.

Working memory is a type of short-term memory. It allows us to retain the elements that we need in our brain while we carry out a certain task.


Updating is the ability to oversee actions and behavior as you carry out a task. All of this is to ensure that everything is completed according to the plan of action. In other words, updating makes sure your behavior is appropriate for a given situation.

It also adapts to potentially changing circumstances. Updating helps us identify and correct any change from the original plan. It’s a function that we use countless times over the course of a day.


The concept of the game is fairly straightforward. The player must move candies until the tubes are filled with a single type of sweet treat. However, there’s a yummy twist. You may only move a candy onto another candy of the same type and color. You must plan your moves carefully so that you can organize the candies correctly.

Candy Line Up Instructions
Candy Line Up Instructions

When players begin the game, they will choose which level of difficulty to start on. This will affect the number of jars and the type of modifiers and obstacles the player must deal with.

Candy Line Up Difficulty Options
Candy Line Up Difficulty Options

These modifiers add layers of complexity that make this game infinitely replayable and engaging. Modifiers include:

  • Colored Coins: Jars with a colored coin icon above them give bonus points. But only if you fill them with the same kind of candy.
  • Prohibited Candies: Jars that have the “prohibited” candy icon are not able to hold the corresponding candy.
  • Lids or Caps: Some jars will be covered by caps. This blocks the user from adding any candies to the jar while the cap is still on.

Easy Difficulty
Easy Difficulty
Medium Difficulty
Medium Difficulty
Hard Difficulty
Hard Difficulty

We hope you enjoy this sweet cognitive stimulation brain game. Also, we would love to hear your thoughts on this or any of our other games through any of our social media channels! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for more exciting game spot lights!