CogniFit Tools are Helping Itaca Group Treat Patients and Train Future Psychologists

CogniFit is proud to form a part of the trusted cognitive evaluation and treatment toolbox used by Itaca Group, a leading network of psychology practitioners based in Cordoba in the south of Spain.

The Itaca Group works with many of the top neuropsychological companies to provide their patients with first-rate counseling and mental health services, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality for Therapeutic Interventions and a full range of cognitive tools based on the latest in neuropsychological Research & Development.

In addition to this, Itaca Group is heavily involved with multiple university programs. Not only does this academic collaboration mean that Itaca is helping to train the next generation of graduate and postgraduate students, but also that the professionals who make the Itaca group such a fantastic healthcare option are always at the forefront of neuropsychological knowledge and best practices.

Itaca Psychology and Language
Itaca Psychology and Language

How Is Itaca Group Leveraging CogniFit’s Cognitive Tools for their Patients?

The Itaca Psychology and Language centers, which provide professional early childhood, adolescent, and adult neuropsychology care services, have chosen CogniFit tools as part of their holistic initial patient screening and evaluation process, which incorporates multiple psychological evaluation tools to understand each patient’s unique psychological profile and needs, and to generate an initial baseline report based on the patient’s neuropsychological profile.

Once the report has been created, the team of professionals at Itaca are able to design a personalized intervention program for each client, using a broad set of tools including CogniFit’s cognitive training solutions to build the best treatment for each individual.

How Itaca Group Uses CogniFit Tools to Train the Next Generation of Counselors

In addition to providing their patients with best-in-class counseling services built on modern professional psychology practices, Itaca Group is also actively involved in guiding the future of mental health counseling through their many partnerships with universities and research institutions.

As part of this focus on developing the next generation of psychology professionals, the Itaca Group has created Itaca Formacion¸ a professional development and training center which offers high-quality online and in-person post-graduate courses designed to provide unique learning experiences based on the latest scientific theories and cognitive tools.

Itaca Group has chosen to include CogniFit’s assessment and training software in these courses as one of the examples of the high-quality cognitive tools available for mental-health practitioners to incorporate into their professional activities.

It is truly an honor to be involved with this program, which allows us to collaborate with Itaca Group and share our cognitive tools with their students.

Being able to work with organizations at the forefront of neuropsychology treatment is always exciting. But, especially so with Itaca Group, whose dedication to a modern approach to mental health treatment goes beyond simply helping those patients they have today, but also to training the healthcare professionals of the future so they can provide an even greater treatment for the patients they will have tomorrow.

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