Development of a CogniFit Professional Platform to help Clinicians and Doctors

lauch of the new cognifir professional platform

The CogniFit team is happy to announce the launch of its professional cognitive platform. This platform offers to professionals an innovative tool to assess, train and track all the different cognitive needs of their clients.

The CogniFit Professional platform allows professionals to recommend assessments or specific brain trainings to their clients based on their unique needs.


As CogniFit offers the possibility to assess and train a large number of cognitive skills and abilities such as memory, attention or focus, professionals can now use the Professional platform to measure and track the evolution of those cognitive skills for the individuals of their choice. The platform has been designed to be simple to use and to easily receive the information needed.


The new CogniFit Professional platform is online and allows to easily access client’s information wherever they are. When a professional recommends an assessment or training to its clients, they will receive specific instructions on how to start with the program and offer them options to choose which information they want to share. The experience is seamless and simple.


Last but not least, professional clients can also generate a professional profile on CogniFit, offering them more reach and visibility to individuals who are looking for solutions to their mental health needs.


Cognitive impairment is on the rise all around the world as people become healthier and live longer. This problem is becoming increasingly common and very often is left undiagnosed in early stages. Reports indicate that cognitive decline affects over 10 million people in the United States alone. Approximately two out of three Americans experience some level of cognitive impairment by the time they reach the age of 70.

CogniFit Pro is the leading FDA-cleared cognitive testing platform. Utilized by scientists, researchers, and physicians around the world to capture real-time cognitive data, CogniFit is the most accurate and precise measurement of cognitive function, processing speed, and overall brain health.

Whether you are a physician tracking medication management, or a scientist researching how long-covid affects cognitive health, we can help you capture critical longitudinal data to help with generating more reliable reporting and effective care planning.

With our technology you can easily generate reimbursement actions for every step of the process and add additional revenue to your clinic or private practice with a few simple buttons. That’s right, CogniFit is reimbursable by both Federal and commercial payers, start a free trial today and see how we can help increase your productivity and improve the care you provide to patients.

Today with CogniFit Pro early detection and intervention of a neurological disorder becomes part of your practice. By using technology we can prevent or slow dementia progression while also significantly reducing the costs of long term treatments.
CogniFit provides primary care physicians a way to quickly assess, confidently diagnose and easily plan care for patients’ cognitive health, while also receiving financial compensation for each part of our process.

CogniFit Pro provides Psychiatrists, Doctors, and health professionals a platform that can assist in the detection, diagnosis, and intervention of cognitive disorders in patients, while treatment is most effective.

Our platform provides healthcare professionals access to multiple scientifically validated cognitive assessments, in-depth results analysis, personalized cognitive stimulation, and rehabilitation technology.

Our medical platform is based on decades of global research networking to improve brain health and cognitive ability as we age. Cognitive rehabilitation is one of the most supported non-pharmacological therapies available and digital therapeutics are displaying clinical significance.

With our platform practitioners can:

Perform a quick screening of the patient’s cognitive functions and an in-depth analysis of cognition, behavioral, mental, and psychological health.

Complete mental health screen evaluation tests and rehabilitation strategies with a patient or complete tasks remotely.
Detect possible cognitive problems across your entire practice with early detection warning alerts. Enable patient test reminders with push notifications.

Monitor the patient’s progress and rehabilitation in real time with our data tracking tools while developing a better understanding of current conditions .

Design a comprehensive cognitive care plan, deploy rehabilitation for your patients by using customized cognitive tests and exercise scheduling.

Print out and download detailed reporting across cognitive domains, behavioral health, and mental wellbeing categories.
Increase your revenues with our revolutionary reimbursement technology. Receive instant Federal, Medicare, and commercial payer reimbursable codes for every step of the CogniFit Pro platform.

All of our neuro-cognitive assessments and brain health rehabilitation tools that you’ll find on the CogniFit Pro platform are valid for patients starting at 7 years old, teens, adults, and seniors.

The CogniFit Professional platform can be accessed here and is available today in more than 13 languages!

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