Phantosmia: A Complete Guide to Smell Hallucinations


  Phantosmia is when one senses a strong odor that isn’t there and is also referred to as an olfactory hallucination. Phantosmia can be brought […]

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how pregnancy changes the brain

Pregnancy Changes the Brain: Does Pregnancy Brain Have Negative Effects Long Term?


  Pregnancy changes the brain. She took her pregnancy test and it was confirmed, she was going to bring a new life into this world. […]

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Infertility: Guide to what is it, causes and different treatments


  Infertility. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy […]

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What are the best positions to sleep during pregnancy?

What Are The Best Positions To Sleep During Pregnancy: Insomnia During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy


  We’ve already talked about some of the causes of insomnia during the first trimester of pregnancy and suggested some easy remedies. But what happened […]

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lack of sleep during pregnancy

Lack Of Sleep During Pregnancy: Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?


  Pregnancy is one of the most complex processes that a woman’s body is able to undergo. Pregnancy involves many physiological and psychological changes that […]

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insomnia during the first trimester of pregnancy

Insomnia during the first trimester of pregnancy: Causes and Remedies


  Insomnia is quite frequent in pregnant women. Many physiological changes happen in the first trimester related to body temperature and levels of melatonin, prolactin, […]

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overcome depression during pregnancy

How to Overcome Depression During Pregnancy: Why do I Feel Guilty?


  We recently talked about postpartum depression, and now we’re going to look at how to overcome depression during pregnancy. Being pregnant and bringing a […]

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