CogniFit is a Top Manufacturer in the Global Cognitive Assessment & Training Market


  The 2018 market study on Global Cognitive Assessment & Training Market research report establishes CogniFit as a top manufacturer of the sector. This report analyzes, tracks, […]

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CogniFit App, medical innovation and neuropsychological testing at your fingertips


  CogniFit’s team of neuropsychologists, researchers and developers have introduced new features to the CogniFit application for iOS and Android. Updating this medical app technology […]

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Professional Association of Psychology of Aragon commits to the IoT by including CogniFit digital neuropsychological tests


  The Professional Association of Psychology of Aragon, Spain has reached a distribution agreement with CogniFit to offer its 1,180 psychologists innovative tools that allow them […]

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Leading vehicle and transportation companies bet on CogniFit to assess their drivers


  The RACC, Young Drivers or Codes Rousseau are some of the latest companies to incorporate CogniFit neuropsychological assessment batteries to obtain relevant information on […]

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CogniFit is a top player in the Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market


  In 2016, the Global Cognitive Assessment and Training Market accounted for $1.80 billion. It is set to grow at a CAGR of 31.10% during […]

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New Study points to CogniFit as key vendor for future K-12 testing and assessments


  New market research report outlines CogniFit as one of the key technology solutions that could transform and propel the future of K-12 tests and […]

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Japanese brain training gym “Brain Fitness” announces CogniFit in their training program


  CEO of brain training gym Brain Fitness® Masayuki Takayama announces CogniFit introduction to their training program this November. Brain Fitness, operated by Innovage, Inc. […]

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CogniFit cognitive stimualtion diabetes

Scientists Study How CogniFit May Prevent Cognitive Impairment in People with Diabetes


  People with type 2 diabetes are at risk of dementia. CogniFit brain training may help prevent cognitive impairment associated with diabetes, according to research. […]

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Brain activity dyslexia

CogniFit and Haifa University study the relationship between important cognitive skills and dyslexia


  It is estimated that at least 1 in 10 people suffers from dyslexia. A high percentage are not aware of the pathology. Several research […]

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CogniFit ranked by scientists as a serious and effective battery of games to fight dementia


  Scientists from Gjøvik University College (Norway) have classified and evaluated in their study the main health games to combat dementia. CogniFit’s active aging program […]

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CogniFit Selected by Silicon Review as One of 50 Most Relevant Innovation Companies This Year


  Silicon Review, the most respected magazine for technological innovation, says CogniFit is among the 50 innovation companies worldwide to be closely monitored this 2017. […]

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CogniFit Tools

Online Cognitive Assessment and Training Market Just Became a Billion Dollar Opportunity


  CogniFit, leader in brain training and brain stimulation, is part of the brain fitness market which is forecasted to reach over $9.48 billion by […]

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CogniFit Brain Training Tool

When Brain Training Works, It Can Help Millions of Lives and Improve the Quality of Life of the World’s Aging Population


  An Australian systematic review shows how CogniFit solutions are both effective and useful, and why few brain and neuro scientific solutions work. A new […]

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CogniFit evaluates the capabilities of astronauts in the space mission: Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017 (PMAS 2017)


  CogniFit participates in the “space race” to reach Mars by assessing the cognitive performance of astronauts under adverse conditions. CogniFit, a leading neuropsychological assessment, […]

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Mesothelioma and the Brain

Mesothelioma and the Brain: How Chemotherapy Can Affect the Brain


  Mesothelioma and the Brain Malignant mesothelioma cancer rarely spreads to the brain, but chemotherapy that is most commonly used to treat the disease often […]

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A lost native language may have a lasting effect on the brain


  If someone asked you to think back to your earliest memory, you might remember something from when you were three or four. However, a […]

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Young athlete head injury

Mayo brain damage study shows non-professional athletes at risk of degenerative brain disorder


  In a recent study published in Sports Illustrated from the Mayo Clinic, a link has been made between contact sports and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or […]

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neurologist undergoes brain surgery for research

Neurologist undergoes brain surgery for research


  Neurologist takes self-experimentation to the extreme by installing implants in his own brain for data collection – MIT Technology Review Phil Kennedy, a neurologist […]

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High fat diets may damage your brain

High-fat diets may damage your brain and contribute to obesity


  The holiday season is known for family, friends, and of course, food. A recent study suggests that the high-fat diet associated with the holidays may […]

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New expererimental brain cancer treatment

New Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment


  A new, experimental brain cancer treatment is being tested at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. The often terminal cancer affected one couple […]

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Deteccion del TDAH

ADHD Detection may help diagnosis


  A recent study led by researchers at Yale University show that it is possible to tell if someone has ADHD or not, just by […]

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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month


 National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month – 5 Facts You Need to Know People with Alzheimer’s disease experience devastating physical and emotional challenges, as the abilities to […]

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A regra do jobo

Brazilian actor Alexander Nero learns about Multiple Sclerosis for a project


   Bringing awareness to MS Portuguese actor Alexandre Nero recently took on a role of a man living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The film The Rules […]

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Research report explores the cognitive assessment and training market that will be worth 7.5 billion USD by 2020 - WhaTech

Research report explores the cognitive assessment and training market that will be worth 7.5 billion USD by 2020 – WhaTech


  The report “Cognitive Assessment and Training Market by Assessment Type (Pen & Paper Based, Hosted, Biometrics), Service, Application (Clinical Trials, Classroom Learning, Brain Training, […]

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Brain Games Mental Fitness, Fun, or Both AT&T Thread

Brain Games: Mental Fitness, Fun, or Both? | AT&T Thread


  In the article on AT&T Thread, brain games and brain traning is questioned. By understanding what these applications do, we can better understand how […]

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CogniFit now available in Dutch

The CogniFit brain training app for iPhone has just been released in Dutch


  Check the app on the Dutch App Store. Ontdek de nieuwe CogniFit hersenfitnessmobiele applicatie nu beschikbaar voor uw iPhone! Hersentraining kan u helpen met […]

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How can packing be training your brain?

How packing is an easy way to assess our brain performance


 Carlos Rodriguez, CogniFit CTO explains how packing is an easy to assess brain performance. On the Spanish radio show “Hoy por hoy” on Cadena Ser, […]

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Happy 4th of July!


 Happy 4th of July from the CogniFit Team! We wish you a you a fun, safe, healthy and happy 4th of July celebration. May the […]

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CogniFit helps Veterans

CogniFit Helps Veterans Again


 Case Western Reserve University conducts cognitive studies to help Veterans using CogniFit for Researchers platform.

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Solving the Brain Fitness Puzzle Is the Key to Self-Empowered Aging SharpBrains

Solving the Brain Fitness Puzzle Is the Key to Self-Empowered Aging | SharpBrains


 Solving the Brain Fitness Puzzle Is the Key to Self-Empowered Aging | SharpBrains Kelly, age 75, has been retired for a while. She stopped exer­cis­ing […]

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