World Alzheimers Day 2023 – Understand the Importance of Early Detection

Did you know that one in three Alzheimer’s cases could be prevented?

  •  Accexible allows early detection of Alzheimer through speech analysis. Their 60 second test detects cognitive impairment with a sensitivity of 90%.
  • CogniFit has a track-record of being a reference, developing tools to support healthcare professionals in their diagnostic and associated cognitive evaluation and stimulation. Try our early detection memory test.

What is World Alzheimer’s Day? 

Once per year (21st of September, on this 2023) there is a celebration to promote visibility to this condition in so much much need. In order to contribute to World Alzheimers Day and with the support of different partners, Accexible kicks-off this initiative to highlight the vital importance of early detection. 

According to Alzheimer’s Society 40% of dementia cases could be prevented thanks to lifestyle changes, and most important is that those that develop some sort of dementia can reduce the pace of illness progression with a diagnosis in early stages. It is essential to detect early to receive adequate treatment. Early detection not only benefits patients and families but it also has a significant impact on medical attention, research, and public awareness, improving quality of life and management of their overall situation.

What is Accexible campaign? Check your mental health!

This campaign aims to encourage people and cultures from all over the world to join/test the speech biomarkers as a gesture of awareness and prevention. Build awareness on the relevance of early detection, “Check your mental health!” campaign for the detection of cognitive decline through speech analysis. 

In the web, you can do a free test in only 60 seconds, accessing the web This test analyses the users voice offering his/her the result within a couple of minutes, with a sensitivity of 91% in the detection of cognitive decline at early stages. 

Why does CogniFit join in?

CogniFit has been working for many years to become ‘the’ diagnostic supporting tool for healthcare professionals. Our solutions evaluate, train, and stimulate cognition for all types of mental conditions and patients. We always leverage our scientific evidence and the best possible technology, helping the overall Alzheimer’s ecosystem is and will be one of our priorities.


The accexible early detection campaign receives the support in Spain from: CEAFA, Fundación Pasqual Maragall, IMQ, BIOCAT, Danone, Nutricia, Tech Barcelona, Seniors Residencias, Cuan Grupo 5, Clariane, IMQ, Idea, Domusvi, Innolab, Essence, Gaia, Barcelona Health Hub, Cognifit y Eskilara. The campaign is being carried out in Spain, Mexico, United States and United Kingdom.