Jessica is a recent undergraduate student from a small private college in the state of New York. She aspires to further her education by applying for Ph.D programs catered toward Clinical Psychology with a focus for at-risk children, with hopes of someday becoming a child psychologist. Jessica enjoys educating family, friends, and colleagues on neuropsychology and psychological matters. She is always up for having open discussions with just about anyone - ranging from those who don't know much about psychology to someone who is a professional in the field. Jessica also likes to learn anything she can along the way through feedback, criticisms, and of course: research.

Animal Assisted Therapy: What it is, and how does it help?


  Nothing but heart eyes galore anytime we see an owner with a dog on a street. We see those sad commercials with animals who […]

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Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Disease: What are they, symptoms and treatment.


  Commonly referenced by those who have autoimmune diseases, these types of diseases are often invisible. Sometimes, when looking at a person, you can often […]

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Coprolalia: The Reason Behind Involuntary Profane Outbursts


  Obscene language is a big part of everybody’s daily lives – whether we like to believe it or not. Perhaps you banged your toe against […]

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Birth Order: does it determine your personality or is it a myth?


  We often hear how the middle child has it the worst, the youngest out of three is known to be spoiled, and the first […]

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man looking at work boards

Priming: Useful guide to the Different Types and its Measurability


  In psychology, priming is the implicit memory effect where a stimulus that is exposed influences a response to a later stimulus. This will be […]

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