Jessica (is a New York City native, who is a recent graduate that earned her B.S in Psychology. She seeks to further her education by applying for Ph.D programs in Clinical Psychology with her research interests ranging from PTSD to those who suffer from schizophrenia. Aware that those fall on two opposite spectrums, her fascination with mental health and illness is one that is undying. Jessica enjoys educating those who are less familiar with the realm of psychology, and also enjoys learning all she can from those who have been in the field longer. She will never turn down the opportunity to talk about the topics she writes about, and will appreciate any criticisms and feedback that those have to give. Jessica encourages commentary on her blog posts, so don't be afraid to speak your mind and share your stories!

Hypersomnia: What it is, and how it impacts your health


  We often hear about how people can’t seem to fall asleep, thus leading to people pulling all-nighters. In reality most are trying to go […]

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Brain Zaps: A glimpse into the jolting brain phenomena


  Ever been shocked by your outlet when you’re going to plug in a charger? It feels like a little prick on your finger, followed […]

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EMDR: What is it, who is it for, how does it work and is it effective?


  In the world of psychology, there are many options for the type of treatment a patient can receive. The type of treatment is all […]

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Animal Assisted Therapy: What it is, and how does it help?


  Nothing but heart eyes galore anytime we see an owner with a dog on a street. We see those sad commercials with animals who […]

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Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Disease: What are they, symptoms and treatment.


  Commonly referenced by those who have autoimmune diseases, these types of diseases are often invisible. Sometimes, when looking at a person, you can often […]

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Coprolalia: The Reason Behind Involuntary Profane Outbursts


  Obscene language is a big part of everybody’s daily lives – whether we like to believe it or not. Perhaps you banged your toe against […]

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Birth Order: does it determine your personality or is it a myth?


  We often hear how the middle child has it the worst, the youngest out of three is known to be spoiled, and the first […]

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man looking at work boards

Priming: Useful guide to the Different Types and its Measurability


  In psychology, priming is the implicit memory effect where a stimulus that is exposed influences a response to a later stimulus. This will be […]

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