How can we keep our brain healthy?

Dr. Jonny Bowden talks about some ways we can keep our brain in shape with just a few simple tools. As we age, we lose synapses in our brain, or little pathways that carry information from neuron to neuron. If we lose a lot of these synapses, we tend to lose or forget things. But don’t worry! There are some simple remedies to help keep your brain in top shape.

1.  Exercise! We already know that exercise is good for our bodies, but it is also good for our brains! Doing some kind of exercise daily helps to maintain blood flow and keeps the whole body working well.

2. CogniFit brain training program. This program has fun games and activities that uses brain plasticity to train and create new synapses. Games that are good for us? Sign me up!

3. Certain oils for cooking, like palm oil contains a ton of nutrients and antioxidents, which our brain and our tastebuds love.

4. Omega-3, found in fish, as well as supplement pills. These Omega-3 supplements help to keep our brain functioning well and ready for the day!

5. Shaklee, which also helps improve brain circulation, is another must. And, it’s made with chardnay grapes so it’s healthy and delicious!

Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, Certified Nutrition Specialist @ShakleeHQ talks #BrainHealth on @WBAL TV News11. Keep your brain healthy and fit! Check the video here.