Free 7 Day Trial, Do More For Your Brain – Neuriva Brain Gym and Gummy Supplements

Get a free 7 day trial of the New Neurivia bran gym, powered by CogniFit.

Reckitt Benckiser’s Neuriva brand recently launched a new brain gym app to match their incredible label for promoting brain health with gummy vitamin supplements.

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We know that no two brains are alike. That’s why our friends at Neuriva Brain Gym have customized your brain training experience specifically for you and your brain’s needs.

Neuriva Brain Gym Premium includes:

● 5 training programs, each of which focus on improving a specific cognitive domain

● 20+ Neuriva Brain Gym games that help improve many different brain areas

● A new Brain Game every month, tailored to train different cognitive skills in a fun and interactive way

● Insights and analysis on your brain scores, benchmarking against your friends and tracking of your brain performance progression

● Neuriva Spa with programs designed to destress and lower your anxiety levels

Your personalized training programs

Neuriva Brain Gym uses your cognitive scores to identify areas of improvement, then selects the games best suited to improving those areas of cognition. Neuriva Brain Gym also adapts the complexity of each game in real time to ensure you’re constantly being challenged while playing, because when your brain wins, you win.

Your brain spa

From Guided Imagery to Controlled Breathing, the programs are tailored to lower cortisol levels through different mindful strategies and in turn help the user destress and manage their anxiety. The calmer you are, the sharper your cognitive skills.