sex differences in the brain

Sex differences in the brain: Is there a male and a female brain?


  For many years, science has tried to explain how women and men are different beyond sexual traits. On this matter, research continues on how sex […]

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Amygdala: The powerhouse of emotions


  Our brain is a palace of structures. It dictates everything we do, how we think, how we behave and how we feel. In this […]

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12 pairs of cranial nerves

12 pairs of cranial nerves: What are they and what are their functions?


  12 pairs of cranial nerves enable us to perform our daily routine in a comfortable and efficient way, as they take part of the […]

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Mirror neurons

Mirror neurons: The most powerful learning tool


  Mirror neurons. Imitation has always been a powerful learning tool. The human brain is enabled with different mechanisms that allow us to imitate actions. […]

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Neuroscience of the sexes: Gender differences in the brain?


  We all know the differences between male and females. For centuries we’ve discussed the physical, social and emotional differences between man and woman. But […]

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Metabolic protein launches sugar feast that nurtures brain tumors

Fetal alcohol exposure affects brain structure in children


  Fetal alcohol exposure affects brain structure in children. Children exposed to alcohol during fetal development exhibit changes in brain structure, brain function and metabolism […]

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