Syndi Health Includes CogniFit as Recommended Wellness Service for 10 million+ Student Users

Millions of users across the UK, US, and Canada rely on Syndi to recommend telehealth, wellness, and digital therapeutics tools based on individual needs. CogniFit is excited to be included in the list of recommended wellness tools for Syndi’s more than 10 million student users through the UNiDAYS service.

CogniFit has been added to the list of top recommended digital health and wellness tools from Syndi Health for users who connect to Syndi through UNiDAYS. The UNiDAYS service, which helps students find the best deals and savings from top brands, attractions, and services eager to build long-term relationships with the young crowd, allows Syndi Health to connect to millions of students and provide unique, personalized wellness recommendations based on individual user profiles. Syndi Health has chosen CogniFit to be one of the recommended services available to their student members.

What is Syndi?

Syndi Health, a ‘remote patient engagement and digital phenotyping platform’ aims to provide continuous and personalized health and wellness support to users around the world.

The free Syndi University platform from Syndi Health aims to empower student users to take control of managing their mental health and creates personalized recommendations for digital health and wellness services to meet their needs.

Users begin by completing Syndi Health’s clinically validated Digital Clinical Questionnaire surveys to assess mental health and wellbeing and can continually monitor their cognitive and wellness scores in real-time in the Syndi app.

Based on these health and wellness scores, Syndi creates personalized recommendations for digital tools and resources specifically tailored to the needs of each user.

We are excited to be included in the list of recommended tools and look forward to being able to provide our services to new users and help support them on their wellness journey.

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