What is Video Coach: Understanding CogniFit’s Newest Tool to Help Users Train Their Cognitive Skills

It has been about four months since we launched our exciting new Video Coach training platform, and we couldn’t be happier with the response we have gotten from our users.

Video Coach, for those of you who still have not had a chance to experience it, is a unique and engaging new way to use CogniFit that is designed to help users feel more motivated and confident in their cognitive training.

Video Coach is an exciting new training tool from CogniFit.
Video Coach is an exciting new training tool from CogniFit.

How Does Video Coach Work?

When a user chooses one of the Video Coach training sessions from CogniFit, they will be presented with a series of short, easy-to-follow videos from our team of highly qualified wellness coaches. These videos are intended to help understand not only the skills you will be training but also to give more context into how those skills fit in to our daily lives.

In addition to this, the coaches explain each of the training tasks to be performed during the Video Coach training session, helping to ensure users feel confident and understand exactly what they need to do.

Each Video Coach Session focuses on a specific cognitive ability and includes a set of fun and stimulating brain games that help train that specific ability, as well as an evaluation task that helps the user to track their progress over time.

We already have two fantastic wellness experts that users can select from to guide them through the Video Coach sessions, and we look forward to continuing to add to our team of experts as we add additional languages and expand the Video Coach platform. Once a trainer has been selected, they will continue to be selected by default until the user selects a different trainer.

How Does Video Coach Benefit Users?

We spoke to our current team of Video Coach trainers to find out how Video Coach is going beyond traditional brain training activities to bring users even more cognitive benefits.

Christina shared her thoughts, saying: “I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the Video Coach project and be able to bring my expertise in wellness to CogniFit users around the world. We have been able to take something that has decades of success in the cognitive wellness area and make it even better and more inviting to newer and non-traditional users.

“By providing users with structured training sets built around individual cognitive abilities like memory or focus and combining these sets with instructor-led videos, we are able to provide users with much more in-depth information about each training activity, the cognitive skills being trained, and how those skills fit into our daily activities.

“But more than just telling users why it is important to train these cognitive skills, we are able to keep users motivated to continue training by building an environment that is supportive and helps them feel confident in their training routine.

“And as each user progresses through the instructor-led Video Coach training programs, they are able to learn about their personal cognitive performance and evolution through our coaches’ evaluations.” Wordle of the day and get Wordle Hint

As you can see, there is so much that we are proud of about our new Video Coach platform, and we are excited to continue to develop this unique platform.