CogniFit Named Health Tech Challenger Winner for 2021

Cognifit is proud to be named “Most Disruptive Startup” Health Tech Challenger winner for 2021!

It has been a whirlwind couple of years for everyone in the health and wellness industries. The global pandemic has caused professionals in all areas of the health and wellness industries to push harder and go beyond what they thought possible.

This is true for doctors and nurses on the frontlines helping patients with the physical aspects of the pandemic. It is equally true for those of us who are dedicated to promoting cognitive health and mental wellbeing.


We have worked hard to grow CogniFit into a tool that helps individuals, educators, healthcare professionals, and even researchers understand and improve the cognitive abilities – ones that we rely on for so many of our daily activities.

From our continuing investment in digital therapeutics research to the launch of our new Video Coach programs, 2021 has been as exciting as it has been exhausting. But for our team of neuroscience experts, software and game developers, Video Coach trainers, and everyone else who makes CogniFit such a wonderful organization, seeing the fruits of our work makes it all worth it.

But we also enjoy knowing that others recognize our successes as well. We couldn’t be more excited about our most recent accolade: Being voted ‘Most Disruptive Startup’ at Health Tech Challengers 2021!


Health Tech Challenger 2021 Awards
Presenters of Health Tech Challenger 2021 Awards

Health Tech Challengers “identifies and brings top global digital health tech startups together on one stage to compete for an equity-free money prize, global media exposure as well as the attention of 100+ VCs and CVCs.”

To be a part of this event, startups must be “innovators in one of the six tracks fostering the digital health revolution – Telemedicine & Personalized care, Mental Health, Deep Tech & AI, mHealth, Hospital Workflow, and Diagnostics.”

In each of the six tracks, the judges of Health Tech Challengers, a distinguished panel of industry experts from leading corporations, Venture Capital, ecosystem builders, and media partners, select 10 outstanding companies to participate in the event.

Each year, prizes are awarded to the top companies for each track and one single company is announced as the ultimate winner of the ‘Health Tech Challenger 2021’ award.

This year, the ‘Top 60’ startups came together for the live (or virtual) pitch at Health Tech Forward 2021, the leading industry conference of the year, which took place on the 12-14 of October.


CogniFit was voted the winner of the Health Tech Challenger 2021 Award! What an exciting time for brain training.

We competed against some of the top startups in the world. Companies with fantastic ideas and excellent execution, companies who are bringing new and exciting health tech solutions to people around the world. But in the end, the panel of judges selected CogniFit as the most disruptive startup of the year, presenting us with the best-in-show title of ‘Health Tech Challenger 2021.’

Health Tech Challenger 2021 Awards

We are deeply honored and humbled by this experience. And, wish to thank the judges, the fantastic companies against who we competed, and of course the organizers of the Health Tech Challenger competition.

Our CEO, Carlos Rodriquez responded to the announcement saying, “Thank you so much for this award and for organizing this fantastic event! And thank you to all participants for your inspiring presentations. Let’s keep transforming the health industry together.”

“It is always a wonderful experience being a part of the CogniFit team. But today is just a little bit more special, knowing that our efforts are truly making a difference.”