Syndi Health Adds CogniFit as Top App for 10m+ Students

Millions of users across the UK, US, and Canada rely on Syndi Health to recommend telehealth, wellness, and digital therapeutics tools based on individual needs. CogniFit is excited to be included in the list of recommended wellness tools.

But what exactly does this partnership bring to the table? Let’s take a closer look at this unique platform and how both companies are making strides towards mental health being something to care for rather than shun.


“Syndi Health is a digital health recommendation and reimbursement platform that uses passive smartphone monitoring, known as digital phenotyping*, to evaluate the real-world efficacy of mobile health services, and machine-learning to provide personalized recommendations to drive adoption and engagement of digital health apps – starting with mental health apps.”

That description is quite a mouthful, but very easy to break down.

CogniFit Brain Games

Basically, Syndi monitors your phone, gives you surveys and tests, and then recommends different apps that will lend a hand in whatever health issues you’re struggling with.

Phenotype = The observable characteristics, at the physical, morphologic, or biochemical level, of an individual, as determined by the genotype and environment.

It all started with founders Ben Lakey and Jorge Alexander.

Both had their own unpleasant journeys through the maze that is mental health support. It wasn’t just the stigma that still surrounds this kind of common ailment that they found frustrating. It was the complete absence of a reliable digital system. Yes, there are TONS of apps that promise all kinds of wellbeing. However, they don’t come with any kind of clinical backing.

This became the push that birthed Syndi.


Now, one major slice of their user base is students.

“The free Syndi University platform aims to empower students to take control of managing their mental health and creates personalized recommendations for digital health and wellness services to meet their needs.”

Users start by completing Syndi Health’s clinically validated Digital Clinical Questionnaire surveys. After the assessment is done, the program will make a custom report of digital tools and other resources. All of these are specifically tailored to that user.

But it doesn’t end there.

The app can continually monitor the user’s cognitive and wellness scores in real-time and tweak recommendations as things change – with all the suggestions being legitimate health services of some sort.

But there’s a flip side that makes this app far more powerful than it appears on the surface. Health professionals can also use the app for accessing referrals, monitoring their patients/audience, and making sure they are paired with the right people. This way they can maximize their time and care.


CogniFit on Syndi Health app

In 2021, CogniFit was put on the “top recommended list” for digital health and wellness tools – specifically for those who connect through UNiDAYS.

The UNiDAYS service helps students find the best deals and savings from top brands, attractions, and services that are eager to build long-term relationships with younger crowds. It allows Syndi Health to connect to millions of students and provide unique, personalized wellness recommendations based on individual user profiles.

And while the addition was something for CogniFit to celebrate, there was a much larger picture beyond the power-house partnership.

High school is already hard enough to navigate. But going through university can be even harder on some young minds.

Many have moved away from home. A large majority need to work a job alongside their studies so they can not only pay their tuition but also put a roof over their head and food in their fridge. Next, add the stress of exams and an unknown future that’s ever-looming – from an unstable job market to unaffordable housing.

Finally, we add another layer of instability with the “new norms” that COVID brought with it.

In short, lockdowns and other restrictions are stressful for everyone, but each group has its own difficulties. Students are no exception. And it can be even harder to cope if they don’t have a support network, or worse, a family that has the outdated thinking that mental health is only about “crazy people.”

Being able to have trusted digital and in-person resources with the click of a button can be a huge help to some people.

This is why Syndi and CogniFit’s pairing is quite special as well as being something both sides are quite proud of.

“We are excited to be included in the list of recommended tools and look forward to being able to provide our services to new users and help support them on their wellness journey.”