While driving, you use many different complex cognitive processes. Learning to drive without fear and efficiently isn’t easy. Different professionals have shown us the latest news and recommendations aimed at new drivers who want to learn how to dive more efficiently, or those who have a fear of driving.


Microsleep: What is it, symptoms and dangers of sleep deprivation


  Microsleep is such a common that many don’t even realize the real-life dangers of it. It is one thing to doze off in class […]

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road safety

How to learn to drive safely: 10 tips for road safety


  A little while ago we talked about how the University of Granada showed the importance of emotions when we drive. Being relaxed while driving […]

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Learning to drive

Learning to drive responsibly: Effects of drugs and medications on drivers


  If you’re learning to drive responsibly, you should know that many accidents are due to drug or alcohol use, or driving while taking certain […]

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learn to drive

Learn to drive without distractions: Control your emotions behind the wheel


  How do our emotions influence our driving? To learn to drive efficiently, it’s important to know how to control your emotions. When you’re behind […]

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