Japanese brain training gym “Brain Fitness” announces CogniFit in their training program

  • CEO of brain training gym Brain Fitness® Masayuki Takayama announces CogniFit introduction to their training program this November.
  • Brain Fitness, operated by Innovage, Inc. is a comprehensive brain training gym for better overall health, including brain health.

Brain training gym Brain Fitness® has a motto “to provide customers with the most trusted and reliable training regimen”. Their programs are developed by doctors, dieticians, sleep technology companies, fitness, and mindfulness instructors.

Brain Fitness® provides physical training, aerobic exercise, mindfulness, diet and sleep consultations. They research information on how to sustain or improve cognitive abilities and lower risk of future dementia from the Institute of Development, Aging, and Cancer, Tohoku University. Seeking always new technologies, Brain Fitness® decided to add the best brain training program to exercise cognitive abilities.

Brain Fitness’s neuroscience lab read about Australian scientists, that reviewed several computerized brain training programs and discovered that CogniFit is among the most reliable brain training programs. They decided to incorporate CogniFit sophisticated brain training to their wide selection of programs and further contribute to brain health and user performance.

CogniFit is a cognitive assessment and training tool aimed users who want to train their cognitive abilities as well as to assist professionals in the diagnosis of different disorders that involve an alteration in different cognitive abilities, and help improve the state of these abilities.

CogniFit offers more than 50 tasks to measure and train up to 23 cognitive abilities, from working memory to divided attention and planning. The selection of games adapts to the user’s needs based on a previous assessment of cognitive function.