Assertiveness: A complete guide on this social and communication skill


  Assertiveness. Imagine that you are living the following situations: You lend a friend one of your books. She returns it with pages missing. Your […]

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The Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion Effect: Can what is expected from us define our paths?


  The Pygmalion Effect.Think of a basketball coach that encourages their team to imagine the ball going into the hoop right before they take a […]

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New year's resolution

Why Does Your New Year’s Resolution Fail And What To Do About It


  As the new year approaches, many people find themselves tallying up all of the things that they didn’t accomplish this year, and making lists […]

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Goals, Motivation And The Brain


 The Greek philosopher Democritus (460-370 B.C.E.) might have been the first to hypothesize that the two fundamental human motives are to approach rewards and avoid […]

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