The Role of History in Shaping the Future: Inspiring College Students to Envision Change

History is a subject that some students think is boring. This is because they don’t understand how significant it is in terms of the present and the future. History is basically the story of humans and their progress through the centuries. Students of history learn about governments, technology, and how society worked in the past. This gives them more understanding of why society works as it does today.

Gaining critical skills

Students acquire various skills in the course of their history studies. They learn how to do research, assess information and apply critical thinking. Being a history graduate does not limit students to become teachers. They often end up in many other professions, including becoming politicians or journalists. 

Studying history involves extensive reading and writing of essays. Students need to support their opinions about complex historical events with strong evidence. Their ability to communicate their ideas clearly in writing is a skill many employers appreciate today.

Students of history at college may battle to cope with all their assignments. They can be inspired by free essay examples. There are many free samples of history essay topics online. This includes more other essays on Frederick Douglass, a former slave and famous abolitionist leader. By learning from these essay examples, they can improve their writing skills. They can get inspiration for how to structure an essay and what subheadings to use. Improving their writing skills helps them to get good grades.  

Gaining inspiration

History is full of individuals who have faced and overcome adversity. Their courage and persistence can be inspiring. Some communities survived in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. This can give encouragement to students facing trying times. It could be related to exams, finding career opportunities or anything else. They may realize that many people have had to overcome obstacles worse than the ones they face. Mankind has weathered many calamities and turned them into opportunities for survival. 

Building identity

The study of history teaches students about how countries, families, and groups came into being. They see how they evolved and developed over time. This can give them more of a sense of their own identity. They start to understand their families within the context of wider historical changes. They may realize how different their experiences are from those of their ancestors and yet how similar their goals and aspirations may be. The study of history can also promote stronger national identity and loyalty as students understand more about what made their nation the force it is today.  

Developing empathy 

Studying the diversity of human experience helps students to appreciate the cultures and traditions of others. They can have more empathy for others when they understand how a population’s past experiences impact their present and future. Students need to not just intellectually acknowledge past events but understand how it made people feel.

Understanding present-day issues

Only through the study of history is it possible to understand the origin of present-day problems. To look at why something is happening requires looking at its roots. There are always reasons for changes over the years. Studying history is studying change. It is examining and interpreting transformations of civilizations over time. Historians use various methods and analytical tools to answer questions about the past. This can bring critical perspectives to present-day issues. 

Analyzing and explaining problems in the past positions students to see patterns that may otherwise be invisible in the present. For example, studying the history of public health may emphasize how environmental pollution affects less affluent communities more. Understanding immigration patterns could provide background for addressing ongoing racial tensions. 

Impact on the future

History reveals facts about past behavior, thinking, and judgment. It can also help to shape the present and the future. A history of technology shows how modern inventions emit toxins into the atmosphere at speed. Based on this humans realized that they need to do something about this. There is a huge emphasis on caring for the environment today that wasn’t there before. History can hold the keys to averting disasters that humans did not handle well in the past. 


The study of history involves far more than memorizing random facts and dates from long ago. The subject of history is about the journey of humanity. It requires being able to do research and synthesize information. Students need to form opinions based on the information they synthesize. For all the above reasons, studying history can be one of the best ways for students to prepare for their future.  

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