CogniFit Brain Training for Children – Play Games & Improve Brain Health

CogniFit brain training for kids brain training for children and families.

We are very excited to announce today the launch of a specific platform for children. Parents can now access a specific tool to help their children train their cognition, improve their cognitive skills and develop their learning capacities.

Parents can access the new platform here. CogniFit has created a unique environment where parents can decide to have their kids play at the different brain games within their own account, avoiding the need for children to have a separate account or unique email address.

Parents can also select and recommend a large number of specific brain training regimens for their children and create a separate account for their child so they can access it by themselves. Parents can easily choose the number of children they have and create different access for each of them.

This new platform also allows parents to get all the cognitive results of their kids and follow their progress and evolution. The platform has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the parents, provide useful insights into the cognition of their children and provide a large number of different personal results.

Good brain fitness is a key element of an active lifestyle. Based on brain plasticity, we know today that brain training can help improve a large number of cognitive abilities over time. This at every age and for most situations. Providing parents a unique and innovative tool to train the cognition of their children is a natural extension of the CogniFit offering.

Today, CogniFit offers its brain training for individuals seeking to maintain and improve their brain health, to professionals who need a scientific tool to assess and train their patients and now for parents who want to improve the cognition of their children.

brain training for kids

By regularly training skills such as memory, concentration, motor control and attention, the new CogniFit brain training for children can also help improve their learning capacities which are so important to their personal development. Based on CogniFit’s patented technology, the training regimen is automatically adjusted to the right level of difficulty. The system also chooses the most relevant tasks so the training is optimal for each kid.

Access to this new platform is free and parents can see how their child reacts to the different brain exercises. To then get access to all the different tasks, parents can easily subscribe and unlock all the features of the new platform.

We hope you will enjoy this new platform as we do and enjoy the capacity to provide the benefits of brain training to very important individuals, our children.

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