Cognitive Research Platform: CogniFit for Researchers

CogniFit has been a trusted brain-training tool for over 20 years. We’ve helped millions of users strengthen their neural pathways and important cognitive abilities. These vital areas include things like memory, attention, and focus. And today, we are proud to showcase the Cognitive Research Platform.


As CogniFit continues to grow, we are constantly exploring new ways to leverage our powerful technologies. From general cognitive growth to targeted interventions, we aim to help people everywhere – at home, in the classroom, in the clinician’s office, and beyond.

All of CogniFit’s products have been developed through a collaboration between a wide variety of professionals. These include clinicians, psychologists, cognitive scientists, medical researchers, educators, and software engineers. This foundation in scientific best practices which has allowed us to develop one of our most exciting new offerings.

But what can you expect from our brain games, training tasks, and cognitive assessments? Let’s take a closer look.


Our Cognitive Research Platform has been developed with the specific needs of research teams. Specifically, ones undertaking clinical, scientific, experimental studies in the areas of cognitive health and well-being in mind. Also, our content is based on the same core cognitive training and assessment technology already being used across the globe.

This platform offers all the features that have made our other professional programs (such as the Platform for Health Professionals and Platform for Educators) so popular. To start, you’ll find all of our useful professional features, such as the ability to…

  • Quickly and easily manage and track multiple users
  • Create groups to organize interventions
  • Communicate with users

However, all of these tools have been redesigned with the specific needs of researchers in mind. The Cognitive Research Platform also includes unique features, such as the option to…

  • Assign participants to experimental and control groups
  • Offer multiple cognitive training intervention options
  • Assign personalized training with algorithmically-adjusted difficulty
  • Use non-personalized “placebo” training that’s set to the lowest difficulty each session

With these tools, researchers can study the effects of personalized cognitive training versus generic brain games. There are also easy-to-use methods for collecting and exporting data for analysis. For example, including indexed data related to each variable in the study and reference data for calculating fundamental information such as the Z-score.

Adding Participants to Groups in the Cognitive Research Platform.
Adding Participants to Groups in the Cognitive Research Platform.

Another unique aspect of the research platform is the ability for researchers to design investigations focused on specific brain conditions and pathologies. For example, Depression, Parkinson’s, and ADHD. This is all in addition to the other tools available in the other professional and consumer platforms (such as Memory, Coordination, and Mental Arithmetic).


Although this platform is a relatively new venture for CogniFit, we are already seeing interest from all over the globe. And, more importantly, adoption of the platform in the research community. Several studies are already underway. Professionals are using the Cognitive Research Platform to investigate critical cognitive health issues such as…

As we continue to build valuable partnerships with research teams across the globe, we are greatly increasing our ability to examine the role that cognitive training has in improving our cognitive health and well-being. From general cognitive abilities to specific brain conditions and pathologies, we want to explore it all.

Developing this deeper understanding of the real-world impacts of specific cognitive abilities and brain conditions, we will be able to do several things. This includes the continual improvement of our core technologies, the efficacy of our current training and assessment tools, and create the next generation of CogniFit products for new segments of the cognitive health market.


We are fortunate to live in a world where the average person lives longer than ever before. Where many of the physical ailments affecting humanity have effective remedies. Also, where nutritional food is readily available to so many of us.

We still have plenty of work to do in these areas of physical health. However, the progress we have already made means that we are now able to give more attention to the mental health needs of a global population. Which, as we know, is dealing more than damage than ever, specifically with the effects of cognitive decline due to aging demographics, increased stress, and attention-related cognitive issues (due to an always-on, always-connected culture in both our professional and personal lives). and more.

Our goal at CogniFit is to be a leader in this paradigm shift towards providing support and solutions for the increasingly important mental and cognitive health needs of the global community. And, we believe that the Cognitive Research Platform is a key piece of this ongoing journey.