CogniFit 4.0: the new version of CogniFit's cognitive testing and training app

CogniFit 4.0: the new version of CogniFit’s cognitive testing and training app

New Games, More Assessment Tasks, and Completely Redesigned

CogniFit launches version 4.0 for iOs and Android. Its goal is to boost the mobile version and strengthen their apps as leaders in cognitive assessment and stimulation. This new version represents a before and after in the CogniFit application and is intended as a kick-off for what is expected in 2020.

  • Here are the new features of CogniFit 4.0 that will surely captivate you.

New games 

In this new version, there are 28 specific games for daily cognitive training. These games are aimed at stimulating cognitive skills in a personalized way according to the needs of each user, their age and specific level.

CogniFit tasks are scientifically validated and a free version with 4 games is available for users to try. In its paid version, there is a unique monthly or annual personalized plan where cognitive skills training can be carried out in a unique way for each user.

Assessment and training tasks for driving

Also new in CogniFit 4.0 are 12 new assessment tasks, now totaling 26 tasks. In addition, a new cognitive test has been added specifically for driving. Thanks to this new change, CogniFit was able to incorporate this specific test for drivers or people who spend many hours behind the wheel.

Completely renovated design

The most important and striking part is a completely new design designed to make user experience unique and getting through the application simpler than before. This new design is intended for the user to easily train and/or evaluate their mind simply by following the interactive guide included. In addition, the new design allows you to download the assessment results directly from the application. 

As you can see this new version is full of changes and improvements for the user. CogniFit wanted to start the year by showing a first preview of what their 2020 will look like. Over the next few months, CogniFit will continue to improve the user experience in its applications, as well as include new games and launch new formats for different user segments.