MetFlux and CogniFit – Improving Children’s Health

MetFlux and CogniFit

CogniFit is ecstatic to announce its partnership with MetFlux – A healthcare company based in Mumbai India that specializes in providing intelligence of all biological systems into dynamic data for R&D solutions.

On their own, each company has remarkable “muscles” that provide countless opportunities for businesses or individuals around the world. But together, their new data collaboration could be an unstoppable powerhouse that redefines children’s healthcare.

Let’s take a closer look at MetFlux and CogniFit as well as what their combined forces have created.

What is MetFlux? 

MetFlux Research Investigative Physiology” deals with health data for all “biological systems through in-silico deep physiology models” with their proprietary technology. This might sound intimidating, and it’s true. But the point is their specialty is taking daunting information and converting it into understandable and meaningful insights.

They consolidate extensive knowledge of biological systems including:

  • Signaling and metabolic pathways
  • Temporal and spatial connectivity
  • Hormonal regulations
  • Organ-specific modeling
  • Diet-lifestyle-drug interactions
  • Effects on physiology
  • Information pertaining to individual and population level response

They provide corporate health reports, pet healthcare solutions, better medical avenues for healthcare professionals, and holistic approaches to tackling disease management.

Also, their MyFitPrint app is “enriched with the knowledge base derived from proprietary systems biology-based physiology models. It helps to provide health and wellness reports for adults and children.”

Where Does CogniFit Come In?

Most people will know CogniFit from their brain games. However, there is a different level that professionals can access tools designed for their field.

For example, the Education Research Platform gives teachers and education professionals neuropsychological evaluation, stimulation, and cognitive tools for their students. It allows any teacher to use the specialized battery of tests and reports to help their classrooms without having to be a doctor, programmer, or neuro-specialist. This is because the specialists have already created the tools for the teacher to use.

The same goes for the Cognitive Research Platform. “Cognitive measurement and analysis tools specifically designed for researchers. The professional brain training and neuropsychological assessment platform was created to help researchers conduct studies in which cognitive analysis is essential.”

This means that the platform is ready for researchers to hit the ground running. They don’t need to create anything from the ground up. It’s also worth noting that the brain games used in the professional platforms are not the same as the daily ones offered on the regular website. They are specifically designed for researchers to target and get data or specific cognitive functions within whatever test parameters they want.

MetFlux and CogniFit Together

Now that we understand the impressive “muscles” of each of these companies, what exactly is this data-baby that has been birthed by the partnership?

It’s called the “Child Health Assessment Platform.”

Schools or organizations will be able to then evaluate the growth of a child and personalize the assessment. These reports can then be shared with parents, schools, hospitals, or care providers so they can make better, more holistic choices towards the growth of that child.

But this isn’t just physical growth. It can be cognitive health, nutrition, lifestyle, and immunity information as well.

However, this isn’t just something boiled down to if the child is healthy or not. If they are over or underweight or a slow learner, etc. The data drilling goes much further.

  • Muscle
  • Bone mass
  • Physical performance
  • Blood pressure
  • Mineral and Vitamin levels
  • Disease risks
  • Developmental disorders
  • Concentration
  • Planning skills
  • Coordination
  • Learning abilities
  • Memory skills
  • Insomnia

And this is just scratching the surface, unlike most apps or other programs that just take age and weight measurements (possibly a food diary) and leave it up to the end-user to figure things out on their own. It takes all aspects into consideration and breaks things down into an easily understandable report that anyone can take action on.


So, on one side is CogniFit – a company that specializes in cognitive health and has the dedicated research tools to measure all things cognition-related.

On the other side is MetFlux – a company that targets the healthcare industry with in-depth evaluations on any level, as well as having its own R&D department that specializes in creating research tools.

Together, MetFlux has created the Child Health Assessment Platform, which uses CogniFit’s Cognitive Research Platform as one of its built-in tools to evaluate the overall health of children.

This is very much the definition of “powerhouses” that was mentioned before. And what’s even better is that this tool isn’t only for professionals to use. You don’t have to be a teacher or a doctor. If you see a use for this, the product is not out of bounds to the public.

It lets any organization or person see the true, overall health of their child.

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