CogniFit Launches Innovative Brain Training Video Coaching Program

Forming and maintaining good habits is not easy, so to keep users motivated, CogniFit has added video tutorials to their workout programs. This feature is currently available to the English speaking audience of CogniFit.

We’ve taken the traditional cognitive training model and added features to help you stay on track, understand what exercises you’re doing and how it helps, and feel like you have the support you need to keep exercising and strengthening your cognitive abilities.

What is CogniFit Video Coaching?

Now you have a personal trainer to strengthen your cognitive skills! We have recorded hundreds of unique videos on the most important cognitive abilities to help users feel more confident and immersed in their workouts. Our team of expert coaches offer unique insights and advice on how to get the most out of your workout, how to stay motivated and how to improve your cognitive abilities.

We have built a professional production team and a brand new studio in our main office, allowing us to produce high quality content for our users. But the decision to create our own production studio gives us the opportunity not only to release regular scheduled content, but also to develop unique specialized content with guest coaches, as well as quickly adapt our videos based on feedback from users.

We are kicking off the program with two amazing video coaches Brendan and Christina to help our English speaking users reach their cognitive fitness goals.

Let’s get to know our video coaches a bit.


Personalized CogniFit COaching Experience
Brendan, CogniFit Video Coach

Brendan, originally from London, has been trained in a range of disciplines covering a wide range of human wellbeing issues. After studying psychology and philosophy at university, Brendan went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming, reaching the level of a Master Practitioner, and even helps to teach others in this field as an NLP trainer.

In addition to these mental wellness areas, Brendan also devotes a lot of time to the physical aspects of wellness, such as yoga, which he has been practicing for over 30 years.

He also focused on spreading his holistic view of health through courses on self-development, meditation (including zazen, japa), and qigong.

Brendan is excited about the video coaching program at CogniFit. He notes that “many cognitive training tools seem ‘cold.'” The addition of video coaches allows users to not feel alone. It’s like a community, he says. “With the help of dedicated instructors, users can understand their progress, and interactive elements help users feel part of the community.”

Christina, CogniFit video coach

CogniFit Video Coach - Cristina
CogniFit Video Coach – Cristina

Our other great video coach, Cristina, was born in Spain and grew up in London. Her coaching style is based on NeuroEffective Training, a brain-based coaching method that combines various psychological and behavioral models from pioneers in the field of neuroscience.

Neuroeffective coaching includes evidence-based techniques and toolkits to improve a person’s overall well-being.

Christina, like Brendan, also has a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and has been trained by NLP creators John Grinder, Carmen Bostick St. Clair, and Michael Carroll. She also holds degrees in psychology and natural medicine.

Cristina recently returned to Madrid, Spain to manage her online coaching and wellness practice, which can be found on her website. .

Christina is passionate about helping CogniFit users understand the mind and body training process and how our brains work. She believes that understanding the mind and body, along with spiritual awareness, is the foundation of all healing.

Cristina is thrilled not only with the launch of the video coaching program, but also with the future of CogniFit in general, and has become an important member of the team: in addition to her role as a video coach, Cristina helps our marketing department spread the word about the brand.

What are your future plans for video coaching?

As the video coaching program evolves, CogniFit will continue to release new videos every week. We are also planning to add additional languages very soon to reach as many users as possible with this exciting new brain training tool.

We strive to ensure that all of our users feel part of the brain training community, as well as being motivated to train their cognitive abilities with new brain games every week.


We hope that this exciting new feature will be of great use to our users.