Launch of the CogniFit Brain Fitness iPhone Application

It’s a pleasure to finally announce the release of our CogniFit brain fitness mobile app for iPhone! You can download it for free now and start brain training on the go!

The CogniFit brain fitness experience is now available to users through the CogniFit website as well as through their mobile phone.

Leveraging its scientifically validated technology and extensive cognitive database, the CogniFit Brain Fitness mobile application offers a serious program to assess and train the brain on the go. The mobile application seamlessly synchronizes the user’s training and data results with the CogniFit website, offering to users the possibility to continue with their training exactly where they left off. It has been 10 years since this launch and CogniFit is still doing well, very exciting times ahead!

Ricard Perez, iOS Developer at CogniFit, explains: “The demand for serious mobile brain training is soaring with the rapid growth of smartphones and mounting interest for health & wellness solutions. Thus, leveraging our technology in a mobile platform is a key element for a healthy and more productive lifestyle for individuals around the world. The CogniFit Brain Fitness mobile app released today is the state of the art in the brain training category.”

Neuroscientific research has shown that assessing and training cognitive skills can lead to valuable benefits to the users for a large variety of needs, which may, in turn, be instrumental in improving quality of life. The mobile application assesses and trains a wide selection of cognitive abilities such as working memory, divided attention and concentration.

David Rico, iOS Developer at CogniFit, explains: “Users can now enjoy their free time playing tasks and games that are truly beneficial to them. We have developed an application that is both fun and useful and can be accessed anywhere at anytime. The integration with the CogniFit website offers an unparalleled experience which answers to the needs of our growing number of users and opens the door to many more.”

The CogniFit brain fitness mobile application is available today for free on the iTunes store.

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