Applied research from the Aerospace Medicine Training Center (CIMA) applies CogniFit to evaluate army pilots.

The Aerospace Medicine Training Center (CIMA), part of the Air Force, focuses its actions on improving the safety and operational capacity of personnel with flight responsibility. Among its main objectives is applied research. Recently CIMA has been investigating how extreme situations affect the cognitive impairment of army pilots using CogniFit to measure different cognitive skills.

Military Assessment
Aerospace Medicine Training Center (CIMA)

Due to the rigor, safety, and characteristics of applied research, CogniFit has adapted its evaluations to meet the experimental objectives of applied research, maintaining the reliability and validity of measurements at all times.

“A specific offline model was created to be able to use cognitive assessments in extreme situations and this was adapted to mobile platforms such as tablets in order to facilitate its use.” said CTO Carlos Rodriguez  

This commitment highlights the adaptability and professionalism of CogniFit, which has more than 15 years of experience measuring and training cognitive skills in both research and professional settings. 

As we look into the future their is many applications for brain testing. Blast concussion assessment could also be a use case that could help soldiers on the battlefield.

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