How and why to train your brain for students

Being a student is one of the best experiences in your life. College years help you expand your knowledge and hone your skills, things that will be crucial to your future career. But sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed and stressed. College life and getting an education is indeed enlightening, but it comes with challenges that might put a toll on your mental health and self-confidence. 

However, you can train your brain to focus and be productive, so that you put all the energy it is needed into studying and learning. Do you want to know how to be a smarter student? Do you want to know how to study better or how to make your brain smarter and faster? Learn how to train your focus by reading a few tips and tricks. 

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Have a Study Space

One of the things that are crucial and will help you study better is to have a study space. Usually, students are always on the go. They juggle between classes, and they learn from cafes or libraries. Most of them do not have a dedicated study space. While it may seem good to work from distinct places, having a place where you always study is more productive and advised. So, you can have one in your room, a dedicated study corner where you always study. This will help your brain make the connection between that place and focus and it will be easier to just concentrate your attention. 

This will help you tremendously when you have assignments and essays to write. Some topics might be more challenging than others, so you will need to work more. Topics such as social movements might feel unattainable, but there are civil rights movement essays to read and be inspired by. Examples and essay samples help you learn how a final draft should look, but they also provide you with valuable information. And if you have a dedicated study space, you will train your brain to just enter the focus mode instantly. 

Create a Routine 

College life can sometimes be chaotic and hectic, which at times can feel stressful. One of the ways to study better is to create a routine. Waking up at the same hour, following your schedule, and ticking off the things on your to-do list will help you train your brain to study more efficiently. This is crucial as you will have that feeling of gratification when you go through all your schedule, which will help you take care of yourself too. 

Keep Distractions Away 

You cannot train your brain to focus on what you have to do and on studying if you have a lot of distractions in your study environment. Whenever you work and your phone screen lights up as you get a message from a friend or a notification from a social media platform, you will want to check it out. But this means that you shift your attention from your task to another one, which is not helping you at all. So, it is crucial to keep distractions away.

Everything that you feel is catching your attention when you are studying, just put it away. This means putting your phone on silent or do not disturb mode. Closing all your unused tabs. Playing background music that has no lyrics. Asking your roommates to not disturb you when you are studying. Decluttering your study space and having everything you need during your study time, such as notebooks, pens, and others. This will help you focus better and train your brain to do so whenever you go to your dedicated study space. 

Final Thoughts 

As a student, you experience a lot of challenges during your college years. Maybe one of the most met challenges is training your brain to focus and study. There are a lot of things that can distract you, as college years can sometimes be hectic. So, it is crucial to try to prevent burnout by focusing on your lessons and tasks. 

This means having a dedicated study space where you always study. Your brain will make the association between this space and learning and you will instantly get into study mode. But you need to keep distractions away and declutter your study space so that your attention will be solely focused on your tasks. Create a routine and follow your schedule, as this will come with the gratification you need and the rewards you deserve. 

Bio lines: Carly Benson is a content writer and blogger passionate about mental health and psychology. You will always find him reading self-development books and diving deep into books about focus and brain training. Carly loves painting and hiking and he always rewards himself with an episode of his favorite tv series. 

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